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For the Disabled Traveler, Strategies for a Successful Trip

Disabled Traveler
Written by Jane Sophia

Rule the title of a ‘disabled traveler’ and go explore the world

Taking a break from the hectic daily routine, and going on a short trip with loved ones is a necessary aspect of a happy life. Traveling is something that is to be enjoyed by everyone even for people who are specially challenged I mean Disabled Traveler. If your disability is in the body and not in the mind, then there’s simple nothing to worry about. You have the equal potential to go tour the world, try new and interesting activities, and try out new cuisines. It is a sad fact that most people think that people with disabilities are bound to lead a life different than us. The truth is that people with disabilities are ‘different’ and ‘challenged’, and to overcome the ‘challenge’ must be the motto of their life.

Health benefits

If you are ‘disabled’ or ‘differently able’, consider traveling as the best option for rejuvenating your soul. Why is it important? Well, you might be surprised to know that traveling has been proven to have ‘medical benefits’ and that it can heal both your mind and body. If you want to be a disabled traveler and own the tag of being ‘differently able’, go visit new places, explore the world until it seems small. Disabled Traveler who travel a lot have easier time sleeping, face long term health benefits, and find it easier to cope with stress.

A good travel buddy

Even though being disabled means that you can tour the world with equal satisfaction, to go on a trip alone is not something you’d like. Having a travel companion who can care for you on the trip, and help you whenever needed is important, especially if you are a disabled traveler. A good travel companion is someone who’s thoughtful and caring, and someone who would be able to appreciate your physical limitations. Another important aspect of a good travel companion is someone who has the strength of mind to remain calm even under fire. Another important point is that your friend or travel buddy must be physically fit, so that when you have to get on a car he/she can lift your wheelchair.

Friendly Disabled Traveler destinations

Although, you might not see you disability as a form of hindrance, but people around the world are not that compassionate towards disabled people. You wouldn’t want yourself to be judged or treated differently just on the basis of your physical limitations. So, for disabled traveler it is always a better option to visit destinations where people have a friendly attitude towards disabled people.

Germany, Canada and USA are amongst the few places where people are extremely friendly and compassionate towards physically challenged people. In Thailand a rule was recently applied where attendants are stationed at bathrooms for disabled people. In Japan every platform has special equipment that allows wheelchairs to enter the train without picking the chair up.

The most important travel tip is that if you are physically challenged you don’t have to think that you cannot go to trips. A young heart and the urge to travel and explore new destinations is all that you need.

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