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Tahiti a Best Traveling Destination

by Jane Sophia

Tahiti – a Real Holiday Destination

Luxurious over-the-water bungalows, paradise beaches and turquoise sea characterize the picture here, mean the most. But Tahiti offers so much more than “just” a fantastic beach holiday in paradise …

You are now wondering what this holiday paradise has to offer in the Southern Pacific, apart from sun, beach and sea? Well, get ready for a little insight, which brings you Tahiti from its most beautiful, exotic, but also most exciting side 🙂

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Worth knowing about The Traveling Destination Tahiti

The island of Tahiti the one of the best Traveling Destination belongs to the overseas territory of French Polynesia, a collection of many small islands, atolls and archipelagos in the southern Pacific. In total there are 118 Polynesian islands, which in turn are divided into five atolls, only 67 of the islands are inhabited.

Tahiti alone occupies one third of the area as the largest island, it is also the main island of French Polynesia and over the international airport Papeete. You’ll have to plan a jet lag, depending on how long your journey lasted and by which countries it led you, because Tahiti is 12 hours back (GMT-10). The best travel season: Actually it is the pleasant place of all year round.

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Unique landscape and a lush flora and fauna

It is above all the great landscape, but also the exotic flora, which simply fascinates tourists on Tahiti – the best Traveling Destination. Tahiti is, so to speak, the heart of French Polynesia and also home to Papeete, the vibrant island capital. It is like a mixture of mountains and sea, inside the deep, mountainous centerpiece with breathtaking waterfalls, around the island lie the partly black, partly white sand beaches and turquoise blue lagoons.

If you are especially interested in the flora of this idyllic natural paradise, you will be able to enjoy the variety of flora on the island – coconut palms, lemon, mango and banana trees, orchid plants with vanilla pods and countless colorful flower varieties.

As for the animal world in Tahiti, you need not be afraid of any dangerous animals, such as poisonous reptiles. Most of the animals were introduced here by settlers, especially the almost 30 colorful bird species on Tahiti and the surrounding islands are particularly worth seeing.

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Diving, Hiking

That such a diverse landscape offers, in order to exercise various leisure activities, this is probably no secret. On the one hand, of course, there are a multitude of exciting water activities in the wonderfully crystalline sea.

The colorful coral reefs with their diverse underwater world seduce mainly fans of diving, who can look forward to sea turtles, napoleons, spotted eagle riffs, pelagic fuchshaie and many other tropical fish. Professional surfers prefer it especially to Teahupoo, the surf spot par excellence, known for its high and dangerous waves. Alternatively you can go parasailing, jet skiing and canoeing or sailing

“The east wind, our companion so far, had laid itself; a breeze blowing from the land brought us the most refreshing and glorious fragrances, and rippled the surface of the sea,” wrote a natural scientist George Forster at the end of the eighteenth century.

Its one of the the best Traveling Destination where you can buy your dream properties also. The future inhabitants of today’s dream property can experience this olfactory miracle every day anew.

You probably already know it: When talking about a paradise Traveling Destination, the perfect accommodation is also a must, which places the dream holiday once again the icing on the cake.

There would be, for example, the famous over-the-water bungalows, the best Traveling Destination with its own infinity pool or rooms with a magnificent view of the turquoise shimmering sea and the surrounding green landscape …

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