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The Biggest Broadway Flops in History

Broadway is a place where plays go to make it big. You’d be excused for thinking that every Broadway play is among the best. The truth is, not every play that gets to the Great White Way is worthy of watching. Plenty of shows make it to the theaters only to fail spectacularly: plots that sound good on paper don’t translate well to the stage, scores aren’t as tight as they should be, and dialogue is clunky to the point that it’s painful. And some shows just shouldn’t be produced, ever.

Sometimes, someone gets the idea to take an iconic story and rewrite it with an alternative point of view. One such example is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The Musical.” Instead of leaving Audrey Hepburn’s character of Holly Golightly as a classy call girl, she was turned into a foul-mouthed, street-smart character who didn’t connect with the audience. And in another move where you’re left wondering what they were thinking, the horror movie “Carrie” was turned into a musical with scenes that should never have been thought into existence. And “Via Galactica” had a plot so complex that a synopsis was put in the playbills.

Mercifully, all these plays opened and closed rather quickly. That spared most of the potential audience members from watching something awful or confusing, or both. Do check out this infographic to learn more about these plays, why they came to exist in the first place, and how long it took before they failed and left Broadway.


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