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Three Days Vacation on the Paradise Island: Mauritius

by Jane Sophia

Best of Mauritius

Mauritius; the most loved Islands inflicted place which retains a heightened amalgamation of cultures; where fusion comes at its best, due to an undeniable fact that this place colonized by several branded countries of the world once. Starting from French, Dutch and many more. So, by visiting Mauritius you will feel fortunate enough to slices of different places and their Culture.

Mauritius is the most cherished location for all the holidayers. This is the most relishing spot for honeymoon couples and those coming with family and friend can equally enjoy. This place called; the Paradise Island and you cannot resist yourself from spending at least a proper three-day Vacation here.


Paradise Island

Mauritius provides a complete package starting from culinary delicacies, extraordinary topography, charming resorts and hotels, and many more attractive places to escape to. You will feel contended after savoring on the sumptuous gastronomies that is sure to excite your taste buds. The Flavours that you will come across will stick to your tongue forever. The panorama of street food fused with the spices and tricks from different places will bound you to be in love with this place.

Mauritius, being an Island destination the kind of beaches you come across will assure you that your decision was absolutely correct to choose this location where you can actually escape from all the tenacity of life. The beaches are the ultimate attraction of this place.


The one who enjoys being in close proximity to seas and ocean then Mauritius is your ultimate resort. Some of the famous beaches include Belle Mare Beach, La Cuvette Beach, and how can one forget that Le Morne is the king of all beaches located in Mauritius and those who thoroughly enjoy kite-surfing or wants to experience it, then Le Morne is the place that will quench your desire for kite-surfing. Undoubtedly the beaches are a real pleasure whether you want to cherish sun-decked mornings or breezy nights they will comfort you in both situations.

The Best African Destination Mauritius

You can really spend some blissful moments with your romantic partner accompanied by the tranquility of these beaches or you can just move to this place with a book and you will admit the fact at least for a while that life is sorted. The sound of the waves will hit the deepest corners of your being.


The experience that you will gather here will stay with you all throughout. Besides, these beautiful beaches there are other mesmerizing places like the tea plantations, the view is so picturesque that it will leave you stained both inside and outside. The sugarcane fields are also to provide the same amount of refreshment that has almost eloped from the city-states.

It can be an important  plan to land up to this heavenly abode, but the time you spend here will force you to deliberately plan you vacations here. The Mauritius is an amalgamation of all that you expect from a perfect holiday trip.

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