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4 Awesome Ideas to travel the world on a Budget

by Aswini Vadapalli

A holiday for half the price is a dream of many people. Many manage to fulfil it thanks to a few proven tricks used for years. How to travel on a budget, even to another continent? Read about the best ideas!

Browse special deals!

Although this tip seems not so popular, since it seems obvious, the truth is that little people actually use it. Often times, we go on vacation spontaneously, simply purchasing a ticket and not truly realising that we could fly to that destination for a significantly smaller amount. What does seeking occasions mean? We can, e.g. browse various websites and search for budget-friendly flights. Cheap flights are a very attractive means of travel, since we can fly to another country or another continent for as much as half the price. Catching opportunities requires dedication on our end, sometimes time spent at the computer, and other times booking cheap flights in significant advance, more or less six months. All in all, cheap flights are a really great way to fly somewhere for a bargain price, even with your entire family!

Out of season

In addition to searching cheap air tickets online, you should also consider where exactly you would like to fly. Full-year cheap tickets are a great idea to buy a holiday trip out of season. Although it is well known that visiting places and spending time off is best done during a warm and pleasant summer, it’s most often the most expensive at that time. Purchasing a cheap flight ticket is one thing, while spending a week abroad for half the price is another. It is worth thoroughly tracking the offer of individual holidays in various countries. Sometimes, the purchase of accommodation in a hotel for even a few days is available at more affordable prices out of season, while the weather does not change overnight and it can often be equally warm. It should be mentioned that in some countries, there are significantly warm temperatures practically all year round, thanks to which there is basically no problem in choosing a convenient moment for a cheap flight when it is less crowded with tourists and the prices are not so high.


The purchase of souvenirs is a rather controversial matter. Some are very glad with this fact and love to gift their close ones and friends with cheap souvenirs, most often with a logo or an inscription of a given country, as well as receive such souvenirs themselves, while others are not such great fans. If you belong to the first group, it is worth considering how to save on holidays before buying tickets for a cheap flight. The purchase of such souvenirs is quite a considerable expense. Usually, we choose several items, since we want to gift them to several people, and the total amount we pay becomes high. Maybe it is worth buying a postcard and giving it to a loved one when you return? It is certainly an idea for a cheaper holiday.

Count the money

The last way for budget-friendly travel once more concerns financial matters, but this is what travelling is mainly all about; cheap air tickets are merely a part of saving money. What else is important then? You should thoroughly consider how much you would like to spend on your holiday. It is worth setting a specific, daily budget that you want to spend on various pleasures and meals. It is more reasonable to try to observe this amount closely, this will allow you to keep your expenses under control and to decide on something extra, perhaps on the last day. Maybe a trip on an interesting city tour?

There are many more ways of budget-friendly travel, but it’s worth learning a few basic ones and using them in everyday life. You will surely be quick to notice that your holiday budget is within the norms, and you do not need to borrow extra money to survive till the end of the month. Keep in mind that browsing cheap flights is a good start to begin travelling the world for half the price!

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