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4 Examples of Adventure Travel for the Newly Adventurous

by Jane Sophia
Adventure Travel

It’s not uncommon for travelers to become bored of their typical travel traditions and seek out some adventure for the first time. Many travelers have traditions where they go to the same destinations, stay at the same hotels, and never really experience anything new or exciting.

Enter adventure travel, where unforgettable experiences are a guarantee, and the perfect solution for the bored traveler. Adventure tourism often involves unique outdoor activities with beautiful landscapes, participating in unfamiliar excursions, or trying a new physical activity as a means of accessing otherwise unreachable natural wonders. It’s about stepping outside of your comfort zone and experiencing active adventures.

Adventure tourism is becoming more and more popular, beating out the typical beach vacation for many travelers who crave something new. This type of travel can involve hard adventures or soft adventures.

Hard adventures typically involve outdoor activities in the wild that carry a significant component of danger or risk. These types of adventures usually require the traveler to have experience with whatever the activity or adventure is. Examples of hard adventures include mountain biking, rock climbing, sky diving, scuba diving and white-water rafting. Hard adventurers are thrill-seekers who enjoy the adrenaline rush of danger or highly-skillful activities.

Newly adventurous travelers who are branching out from the typical beach vacation should start with a soft adventure. Soft adventures don’t really require experience, and they’re generally quite low-risk adventures. Soft adventures provide the memorable and unique experience without the element of risk. Examples of soft adventures include hiking, kayaking, walking safaris, canoeing, snowshoeing, fishing and hot air ballooning. These types of soft adventures still count as adventuring, because you’re exploring areas other travellers would not explore, and you’re exploring in unique ways while being active and outdoorsy.You’re also staying healthy and fit while traveling, which is an added bonus. Below are 4 types soft adventures that are perfect for the newly adventurous traveler:

  1. Hiking

Hiking trips are one of the best forms of soft adventure travel. Hiking across stunning landscapes, coastal trails, lush jungles and breathtaking mountains will leave you feeling awe-struck the entire time. Hiking trails are a great way to access legendary viewpoints, and explore the unique flora and fauna your destination is known for.

Bucket-list adventure travel destinations that involve hiking include: The Swiss Alps, Machu Picchu, Himachal Pradesh, the West Coast Trail, Cinque Terre, and the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim trail. The list of bucket-list hiking trails is endless, but those are some great ones. The scenery you’ll see is jaw-dropping and much of it is the type of scenery you can only see on a hiking trail. This is the type of adventure you’ll remember forever.

  1. Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning is a memorable soft adventure because you get to explore a bucket-list travel destination from up in the air. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful destination that you are visiting. It’s an adventure because you’ll see and feel things that can only be seen and felt from above, which makes the trip unique and memorable.

When you see other colorful hot air balloons in the sky around you, it feels magical and it’s a truly surreal (and Instagram-worthy) experience.

  1. Kayaking

Kayaking is an incredible adventure because in a kayak, you can access otherwise unreachable hidden gems of nature. In a kayak, you can access secret caves, untouched islands, hidden beaches, and more. Plus, in your kayak, you’re sure to see lots of wildlife. You’ll see rare birds flying low to look for fish, and plenty of other coastal wildlife.

Kayaking is typically considered a soft-adventure because it’s relatively low-risk and doesn’t require much experience. It’s low-impact, and as long as you don’t go sea kayaking during a storm, it’s generally quite safe.

Some of the best kayaking trips include British Columbia’s Gulf Islands and Oahu, Hawaii’s kayaking trips to Chinamans’ Hat and the Moks. Other destinations that have stunning kayaking adventures include Croatia, Mexico, Greece, New Zealand and Australia.

  1. Snowshoeing

If you’re really, really sick of those run-of-the-mill beach vacations, you might be seeking out some snow. A winter wonderland getaway is a nice contrast for those who aren’t used to snow. You might not be adventurous enough yet to try the hard adventure of snowboarding, but what about the soft adventure, snowshoeing?

Snowshoeing is how you hike in the snow. Instead of hiking boots, you wear snowshoes, and you can explore the backcountry of beautiful, snowy landscapes and iconic mountains. Bucket-list mountains to snowshoe at include Whistler, Canada and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. You probably already knew that both of these places are bucket-list travel destinations, but did you know that snowshoeing is one of the best ways to explore these stunning destinations?

Now you’re ready to choose your first adventure and prepare for an incredible trip that you’ll never forget.

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