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5 American Cities to Visit for a Great Time

by Jane Sophia
San Diego, California

 Are you a family looking for a vacation getaway, a group of friends planning a bachelor or bachelorette weekend, or merely an overworked young professional in need of a weekend away to cut loose? The United States is a gold mine when it comes to its cities and its ability to provide a great time to its visitors. The five cities we spotlight below are each legendary in their own right for what they have to offer, so much so that once you visit them, you may end up deciding to stay!

San Diego, California

Constant sunshine and consistent temperatures just warm enough for swimming are sufficient reason to tour the storied city of San Diego. Those who enjoy history will love to walk the streets of Old San Diego. This historic district features unique shops, restaurants, bars, and even historic reenactments that will please families and partiers alike. Not too far from Old San Diego is the famous Coronado Island. The island is known for its awe-inducing gold sands and the famous Hotel del Coronado (where tourists can take in a fantastic meal and view even if they’re not staying at the hotel).

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las VegasNo list of American cities known for providing a good time would be complete without Las Vegas, the legendary party capital of the USA (and maybe even the world)! The country’s leading destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties also features a range of family-friendly entertainment options, such as famous shows and access to impressive natural landmarks like the Hoover Dam. Those who travel to Las Vegas and fall in love with it tend to be pleasantly surprised by the low cost of living and vibrant community life. If that’s the case for you, go out and find some Las Vegas real estate and start fresh!

Austin, Texas

A mainstay on recent lists of up-and-coming cities, Austin is an attractive destination for families and partiers alike. The town offers a range of activities for those who love the outdoors (e.g. biking, river sports). It also features a fantastic selection of foods ranging from barbecue to authentic breakfast, lunch, and dinner burritos! And, the city’s motto of “live music capital of the world” reflects the reality of its vibrant music scene.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Perhaps a surprise inclusion on this list, but Cincinnati is currently one of the most intriguing places to spend a long weekend. Its storied history of craft brewing as one of the country’s most German cities has recently resurfaced in the craft beer renaissance. Family and dog-friendly breweries have popped up all over the city. The city is also home to the country’s newest major league soccer team, FC Cincinnati. FC Cincy games regularly sell out thanks to their passionate fan base and family-friendly game-day environment.

Denver, Colorado

DenverRivaling San Diego for beautiful weather is this Western gem. Denver continues to draw a booming population thanks to its outdoor living options, its embrace of the cannabis industry, and much more. Visitors can attend major sporting events (MLB, NFL, MLS, NBA) and take in a concert at the legendary Red Rock amphitheater.

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