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5 Great Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

by Aswini Vadapalli
noise cancelling headphones

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about the gifts we’re going to be getting for all the amazing people in our lives. Now, as nice as it is to see the look of joy on the face of someone you care about, knowing exactly what to buy can be really overwhelming and challenging. You want to be able to get something that they will joyfully use or wear, and not something that will just end up in some back closet gathering dust.

The key to an unforgettable gift is getting something that isn’t generic, but something that really speaks to who they are as a person. If you have someone in your life who loves to travel, there are so many great gifts you can get that will make traveling more fun, or at least give them more convenience and comfort while they are on the road. Here are some gift ideas for the globetrotter in your life!

Road Trip Essentials

Taking a family road trip is such an amazing and unforgettable experience, and if you have people in your life who love to explore the country from behind the wheel, why not get them a gift that makes their lives easier? Being stuck in a car for hours on end comes with its own set of challenges, and there are certain essentials that help tremendously. You can give them something to boost the entertainment factor like in-car games, or if they have young children, you can buy them head supports for car seats so that their kids’ heads are nice and protected while they nap on the road trip.

Instant Camera

To capture all our vacation and travel memories, we all have great cameras in our pockets, but if you really want to give an amazing gift, consider getting your loved one a camera with an instant printing functionality. They might not be as popular as they were, but Polaroid and Instamatic cameras have really made a comeback in the last few years. Being able to print a photo instantly is so much fun, and people get to remember their vacation with a physical photo they can hang up on the fridge or put in a frame.

Travel Diary

When you take an amazing trip, you want to remember everything, but sometimes there’s just so much happening that in the moment that you could forget some details. Getting a travel diary is a great way to help someone note down every special moment. Travel diaries have a lot of variety, and include different prompts to help someone write down their best moments, and it’s one of those things that they can have for a very long time. It’s a very special gift people will adore.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

One of the drawbacks of traveling, especially overseas, is long waits at airports and long flights. What someone really needs at this moment is the right entertainment for them to zone into. Sure a book would be great, but they really need a way to zone out in noisy waiting areas and planes. Noise canceling headphones would be a hit. They are very helpful and easy to tuck away in a bag. You’ll get bonus points for headphones with long battery life, and the ability to switch between devices. Your friend will absolutely love this gift and use it over and over again.


You might think that buying someone a suitcase is a bit boring, but a quality luggage set is an investment that someone would be thrilled to get from someone else. Getting a luggage set that really fits in with someone’s style and personality is what will make this gift very special, and you can get luggage customized for things like their makeup, their camera gear and anything else they like to travel with. You can buy a set that has different things in it so that different combinations can work for both long trips and shorter ones.

Gift-buying season doesn’t have to be stressful if you do your research, and think about what might make an impact on the lives of the people you care about. It’s actually easy to find a great gift for a traveler – they need something that makes packing and carrying stuff easier, something to entertain them in transit or something that allows them to really immortalize the holiday so they can look back and smile. You’ll be part of that memory too!

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