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5 Hottest Places in India Where the Sun Gets Scorching

by Jane Sophia
Chennai Merina

India is prone to almost all seasons. It gets the privilege to equip with all the seasons in a year. Summer is one of the most hectic seasons for some of the places in India. The temperature in those places increases substantially which in turn causes a lot of harm. The heatwaves in summer in India are quite scary.

List of places scorched in India

Below mentioned are some of the places of India which had been substantially high temperature throughout the summer of 2019:


Chennai is popular for being one of the most blazing towns in India. In summers the city observes an abrupt rise in temperature and now and again, the temperature goes past the 46 °C mark notwithstanding an elevated level of humidity. During summer, the daytime temperature floats around 46-50 °C. Air cooler for rent in Chennai is widely popular to tackle scorching heat.

Highest temperature: 45 °C


In Allahabad, Summer endures from Spring to September with everyday highs coming to up to 48 °C in the dry summer (from Spring to May) and up to 40 °C in the blistering and amazingly damp storm season (from June to September). Due to this summer, we are now offering for the air cooler for rent in Chennai.

Highest temperature: 48 °C


Summers are long, blistering and dry, beginning in late and enduring till the end of June. The temperatures normal over 40 °C in May and June and often surpass 45 °C with temperatures as high as 48.4 °C likewise been recorded. The rent coolers in Hyderabad can be an alternative to this hot problem.

Highest temperature: 48 °C


Summers (March–June) are hot and humid, maximum temperatures often exceed 40 °C between April and June. The normal number of heatwave days happening in Hyderabad is substantially high. May is the most awkward and most smoking month with. It’s good to remain with the utmost safety. You can rent coolers in Hyderabad to tackle the excessive heat.

Highest temperature: 40 °C


Ahmedabad has a hot, semi-bone-dry atmosphere. It is with barely less downpour than required for a tropical savanna atmosphere. Besides the rainstorm season, the atmosphere is very dry. The climate remains from April to June, the normal summer greatest is 43 °C and the normal least is 24 °C The most noteworthy temperature in the city was recorded on 18 and 19 May 2016 which was 50 °C. This type of scorching heat can cause a lot of difficulties for the citizens.

Highest temperature: 43 °C

These are the most prevalent places in India which get scorching sun throughout the summer. There are some of the safety precautions which may save you from this heat and humidity such as: prevent yourself from getting out in the daytime and also drink a lot of water that can make you sustain the heat. This increased temperature is due to the ever-increasing pollution and deforestation.


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