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5 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Africa

by Jane Sophia

South Africa has been a popular tourist spot for many years now but the emergence of new tourist hotspots in the travel scene has made Africa an even more popular place! There is a multitude of activities that can keep you engaged in Africa ranging from Gorilla trekking in Uganda to watching the sunset in Seychelles. Here, We have listed the 5 most popular tourist destinations in Africa to help you plan your itinerary for the next month:

  1. South Africa

South Africa national bird

South Africa is responsible for much of the tourist influx of the continent, a reality which has been strengthened by various sporting events hosted in the country such as the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It is a country that has a rich cultural heritage which boasts of expansive stretches of beaches that run for miles altogether. The climate here has a nice warm ring to it at all times and the most popular tourist attractions here include Kruger National Park, Table Mountain and Cape Winelands.

  1. Seychelles


SeychellesYou must have come across the name of this paradaisicial land on earth on a honeymoon blog or in a luxury travel magazine for sure! It is located off East Africa and this archipelago of islands  is truly a delightful place to visit! It is known for its natural reserves, tropical islands, warm sun rays all year round and its jaw dropping beauty. Somewhere between hiking in the mountainous trails, lounging on the beaches and chilling in the botanical gardens, one finds peace in Seychelles. The most popular tourist attractions here are Anse Intendance, Morne Seychelles National Park, Marine National Park.

  1. Mauritius


MauritiusIf you want to fulfil all your dreams of the perfect tropical island adventure, head to Mauritius. Apart from the beaches and beautiful landscape, Mauritius is also known for its rich culture and unique historical traditions. The many things that you can indulge in to spend your time here include sunbathing, hiking and exploring the many landmarks in the island. The places you must visit while in Maldives are Black River Gorges National Park, Gabriel Island, Casela Nature Park.

  1. Morocco

It is known for its stunning coasts, intricate architecture and busy markets. The Kingdom of Morocco will always ensure that its tourists never get bored. Morocco’s distinctive culture has been crafted from different influences of the Berber, Arab and Europeans. It houses many high-end restaurants and luxury hotels because of which one can visit ancient cities here while staying in luxurious properties.

  1. Namibia

Namibia is known for the popular national parks. In fact, an interesting fact is that 3 of the largest game parks in Africa are located in Namibia. Whether it is a safari tour, horseback riding or stunning sand dunes; tourists will always be spoilt for a choice of activities to do in Namibia. The most popular tourist attractions here include the Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon, Skeleton Coast, etc.

Now that you know of all the jewels that the continent of Africa possesses, it is time to book your tickets to this exotic land and have the time of your life!

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