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5 Unusual and Quirky Ideas for a Memorable London Trip

by Aswini Vadapalli

If you have visited London in the past, you’ve likely already visited the main tourist attractions. You will know landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and the London Eye.

While these major points of interest are worth your time, you also must remember that London is packed with places to visit. There’s a seemingly endless list of museums, historical sights, fun activities, trendy bars, upmarket boutiques, and award-winning restaurants to visit. There are so many alternatives that you should never waste time by retracing your steps and revisiting those main attractions.

To turn your next London trip into a truly memorable one, consider the following ideas for a quirky and unusual experience.

Take to the Thames

By utilising small boat hire in London, you can live out your James Bond fantasies. Combining speed and thrilling jet-powered boat action, you can organise a private hire to journey down the Thames in style.

Along with being immensely fun for those who like to live on the wild side, it also supplies a unique perspective of the capital. As you hurtle along the Thames, you can take in London as part of an unorthodox sightseeing tour.

A midnight matinee at Shakespeare’s Globe

Sadly, William Shakespeare’s circular theatre succumbed to a fire. Thankfully, this stunning venue has been recreated just a few hundred yards from where the original once resided.

While Shakespeare’s Globe is well worth visiting at any time, you should try your best to secure tickets for one of the midnight performances. These midnight matinees are infrequently scheduled throughout the year, and tickets are quickly snapped up. Yet if you manage to get in, you will be able to experience a show unlike any other – complete with a raucous and engaging atmosphere.

Dine in the dark

There are countless dining choices in London, but the most unusual is arguably Dans le Noir. The restaurant leaves diners in complete darkness, which gives a unique perspective on the texture, smell, and taste of the food.

Enjoy a movie marathon

The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square’s legendary movie house. This independent cinema, complete with just two screens, features a rotating schedule of latest releases, classics, and arthouse films.

The real selling point of the cinema is its movie marathons. From trilogies to a filmmaker’s entire library, these marathons can run from night until morning.

Follow in the footsteps of The Beatles

It should as no surprise that the biggest band in history still has a fervent following to this day. As a result, people want to further explore their background and retrace their steps. Speaking of the latter, this can be done in a very literal sense.

The legendary Liverpool quartet walked across the Abbey Road pedestrian crossing for the cover of their album, Abbey Road. If you want to recreate this picture, remember to be conscious of the traffic around you. Oh, and pop into fabled Abbey Road Studios while you’re in the area.

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