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A Guide to Your First City Break

by Aswini Vadapalli
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City breaks are great ways to see different parts of the world and experience the culture, but without having to use up a lot of your holiday allowance. They’re perfect for trips with friends for birthdays or celebrations, as well as for couples looking to spend a few days together away from work and other distractions of daily life. If you haven’t yet experienced a short city break, here is a quick guide to help you plan for it.


A perk of city breaks is that they tend to be less expensive than if you were going to an exotic island or resort somewhere for a week. However, while you might be able to get sweet deals on flights and accommodation, remember to think about how much it will cost you to do things while you’re there. Cities are generally more expensive places to live, which means meals out, shopping, even a casual coffee, can be pricey. Always double-check the exchange rate before you travel to get a better idea of how much you’ll need to spend, as well as research what the average prices are for restaurants, bars, etc., in the city you’re going to.


You might have found cheap accommodation to stay at and think you’ve found a bargain, but always check the location before you book. Hotels and holiday rentals closer to the city center will be more expensive, but if you’re staying on the outskirts or in the suburbs, you might end up paying the difference when it comes to transportation costs anyway. Plus, you don’t want to spend half of your time traveling in and out of the city. If your accommodation is closer to the center, make sure it’s not in a rough part of town where you might be more vulnerable to theft or other crime.


Do some research before you go into what is the most effective method of transportation in your city of choice. Does it have a subway system you can use? Or do they offer special travel passes that can be used on trains and buses? Familiarizing yourself with the best routes and links will make it easier when you’re there to navigate your way through the city, as well as avoiding spending a fortune on cabs or unnecessary modes of transport.


Even though you might be more attracted to the shopping or nightlife the city offers, take the time to find out more about its history both before you go and while you’re there. There will be plenty of historical sights to see, and if you’re not sure where to start, use an itinerary planner to help you see the best highlights during your stay.

Cultural Hotspots

Although historical sites are a huge part of a cities culture, the atmosphere comes from its bars, shops, cafes, and restaurants. Try to find places that the locals seem to frequent rather than those geared towards tourists. This way, you will have a more authentic experience, and they are usually a lot more fun to be in as well. Look online to read about hidden gems before you go so you know where to find them.

City breaks are a lot of fun, and if you’re starting to plan your first one, use this guide to help you get the most out of your trip.


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