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A Quick Guide to DMC in Poland

by Aswini Vadapalli

You may be wondering what DMC Poland really is and what it is all about. This short acronym refers to destination management companies and the services they provide. The following is a short summary, a sort of a walkthrough of all the factors that have to be taken into account when planning your travels.


Undoubtedly, your accommodation is usually the first thing you take into consideration. Poland, as well as any other country, is packed with various types of hotels, hostels and other types of accommodation. You can find solitude in a small cottage in the Bieszczady or feel the hype of glamorous sea-side resort but choosing the right place for you can be exhausting. Especially with the overwhelming abundance of information on the Internet. Therefore, it is worth your while to seek professional assistance, particularly if you are travelling as a group. Any well ranking DMC provider will have a readymade base of verified and trusted partners. Moreover, your satisfaction is always their number one priority.

Tourist services

Now that that you have a roof over your head it is time to think of exploring local opportunities. Surely, you will find plenty of suggestions displayed on your computer screen, but then again, knowing what is what is the true art of building an enjoyable itinerary. Ticking off every single entry in online “must see” listings is neither fun, nor enjoyable. Sit back, relax and allow a local Polish DMC plan your stay. Their experience and expertise will help you plan your trip in such a way that what you get to see or do is exactly matched to your preferences. A themed exploring, unique and hidden gems, guides and history tours all booked from A to Z and in timely fashion. What is worth remembering, an established DMC will have all the right tools and the right knowledge to book the services in advance and, more often than not, at quite competitive prices.


A final piece of the puzzle is the logistics of the entire trip. It is more than obvious that you will need some form of transportation during your stay and quite possibly more than once. While getting around cities is usually pretty straight forward and a city pass (where available) will get you wherever you are going, however, getting between the cities or to and from some of the tourist attractions, as well as airports, might not be that simple. Country’s network of bus and train connections is a mix of regional, national and private operators all with different tickets and rates and to an unexperienced traveller this may turn to be a bit of a minefield. Again, with a little help of the DMCs you get a peace of mind and a reassurance that you will get where you are going safely and avoid being stranded with your luggage not knowing whether you were coming or going. Oh, and a good company managing destinations will get you airline tickets too.

And much, much more…

Often case, however, the above mentioned core elements are just the beginning and our expectations and needs when travelling are greater than that. After all, this is a break from our everyday lives and an opportunity to see and learn about different parts of the globe. It may be the case that you would like to combine your travels and your passion. Perhaps you would like to give a small concert in the streets of Kraków, climb the Tatra mountains in Winter or race speedboats in Żnin. A local bureaucracy, pulling permits and language barrier are important factors that can hinder the entire process. Therefore, having someone local do it for you is a no-brainer and by working together you may create something special. A unique itinerary tailor made to suit your needs.

Final thoughts

To sum up, managing your travel is a process. Surely, you can just pack and go but to make it even better you should at least consider sending an inquiry. After all, the DMCs are there to help you. As the saying goes herding sheep is best left to shepherds you yourself should try the professionals – a local DMC in Poland, such as long-established ITS Poland, with years of experience and knowledgeable, helpful staff who will help you plan a perfect stay. Travel is an experience and you should have the best of it.

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