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Best Scottish Walking Holiday Routes

by Aswini Vadapalli
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Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the Scottish scenery will take away your breath every time you are here in the great outdoors. Scotland boasts of the most awe-inspiring nature and on a grand scale. The famous lochs and forests, high-level tracks that take you through mountain passes, the towering clifftops can easily offer you the best experience of a walking holiday in Scotland.

Given below are some of the best walking holidays to explore in Scotland.

West Highlands Way -9.5 miles

Loch LomondThe West Highland Way tops the list because of the outstanding scenery along the long-distance route. Hikers go along the shores of Loch Lomond and finish their walk at the foot of the highest mountain in Britain, Ben Nevis. Enjoy breathtaking views all along the 95 miles that connect with the Great Glen Way, as well as walk through the history of Scotland as you follow the footsteps of pilgrims, soldiers, and cattle-rushers. Take the West Highland Way with Mickledore for a more enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

The Lost Valley – 2.5 miles

Immerse yourself in this iconic walking route of the Lost Valley, which has already been chosen for some famous movies such as Skyfall, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Explore the gorgeous green valley and enjoy the view of the Three Sisters, a trio of mountains. The trail will take you past those pretty birch trees, craggy gorges, and heather-clad slopes, which are indeed a true walker’s paradise. Wherever you look, there are breathtaking views to behold and a peaceful atmosphere to breathe in.

Great Glen Way –73 miles

Loch NessTake a scenic walk through the Great Glen Way and pass around the edge of the famous Loch Ness. Walk leisurely to follow the gentle low-lying trail that stretches along the Caledonian Canal and links to the famous Loch Ness. On the way, stop for a while to get familiar with the turbulent history of Scotland as you visit the 13th century Urquhart Castle. Enjoy the popular long-distance walk that goes through dense woodland and is surrounded by the ancient mountains and striking highland scenery.

Rob Roy Way – 79 miles

Rob Roy Way’s walk is linked to the legendary outlaw of Scotland, Rob MacGregor, from the 17th and 18th centuries and is named after him. The walk is rich in wildlife and known for historical paths and railway heritage apart from glorious scenery. Rob Roy walk will take you through the southern Scotland highlands, along the stunning loch sides and hill country, before it finishes in Pitlochry. As the quiet and isolated terrain isn’t waymarked, one needs to be careful with the directions and use a map to navigate. Go through the dense forests of the Trossachs and Perthshire and enjoy great views of the surrounding hills and Victorian towns.

St Cuthbert’s Way – 62 miles

St. Cuthbert’s way is the pastoral route taken by St Cuthbert and thus named after him. The walking tour will take you across beautiful Scottish borders along the Northumbrian coast and leads over the Eildon Hills. On the way, feisty your eyes on the spectacular panoramic views of the countryside and several spectacular sites such as the delightful village of Bowden and Kirk Yetholm. Take a tour of the spectacular castle on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and the ruined abbey. As the trail is not heavily used, do not expect it to be clearly defined and follow the direction carefully.

Ben Nevis, Fort William – 10.5 miles

Ben NevisAnother of the popular walks in Scotland, the trek takes you to the top of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK. Views from Ben Nevis are sure to leave you awestruck, and the mighty peak of the mountain, true to its name, is indeed a “mountain with its head in the clouds.” The hiking route is pretty straightforward, and you reach the mid-point when you a small lake. From there on, you zig-zag your way up to the summit, and it is all worth the effort as you are treated to jaw-dropping vistas of the surrounding peaks.

Cateran Trail – 64 miles

Take an incredible walk across the heart of Scotland on the Cateran Trail that explores the beautiful scenery between Perthshire and Angus. Pass through the picturesque woodland and verdant meadows dotted with refreshing waterfalls. Some highlights include the petite village of Bridge of Cally, Enochdhu- the Black Meadow’ and Spittal of Glenshee, surrounded by small streams. This is an excellent choice for those seeking a walking holiday to experience authentic Scottish landscape and get familiar with the culture of Highland towns and villages. Just follow the footsteps of the Caterans to trace the history as you take a walk through the gentle lowlands and coastal paths.

The Hermitage, Perthshire -4 miles

Get ready to explore the magnificent woodland of Hermitage. The National Trust-protected site is just perfect for taking a stroll amongst nature filled with lush green trees and gurgling waterfalls and rivers. Just follow the River Braan and its cascading rushing waters over the rocks. It is a delight to behold the 18th-century folly that overlooks the Black Linn Falls. Further up, you will arrive at Ossian’s Cave before reaching the Rumbling Bridge. It is highly recommended to take the Hermitage walk in autumn to enjoy some awe-inspiring views of the enchanting woods covered with a vibrant haze of autumn colors.

Speyside Way – 65 miles

The Speyside Way walking tour will take you straight to the famous Malt Whisky country of Scotland. Walk through the ancient Caledonian pine forests that are famous for their world-renowned distilleries. Go over the rugged landscape and enjoy the magnificent mountain views of the Scottish Lowlands with the West Highlands. The route goes along the shores of the famous Loch Ness and offers a true Scottish experience. You will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the stunning Moray coast and mountains, along with tumbling waterfalls. You finish the walk at the foothills of the magnificent Cairngorm mountains after going through the whisky country.

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