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Cities to Cover on Your All American Road Trip

by Jane Sophia

The United States of America is famous for its multicultural crowds, big and beautiful cities, wonders of modern engineering, and diversity of the land. From the Wild West to the East Coast and American Midwest, there is so much to explore in the country that most people prefer taking road trips with their friends and families. And if you’re thinking of inviting along your extended family, sports team, or church group, make sure to get a charter bus price quote on a private minibus or coach bus rental. It’s a great way to make sure no one gets lost, and everyone can enjoy the scenery and bond along the way. We have listed top places that you should definitely cover on your All American Road Trip. Read on to know more.

1.Las Vegas

Probably nothing can beat the fun and excitement of going to Vegas. Start from San Francisco, covering Lake Tahoe and Utah on the way to Vegas. A trip around the Grand Canyon and the Red Rock Canyon is definitely going to leave you in better spirits. And once in Vegas, let the Sin City do its magic on you. Think big casinos, luxury hotels, and one of the most buzzing nightlife on the planet!

2. Denver

A midwest must, Denver is perfect for days you want to drive in Rocky Mountains, Colorado. The Mile High City keeps you going for more, take a trip from Kansas City covering the breadth of Colorado after you have visited the Botanical Gardens, Denver Art Museum and Red Rocks Amphitheatre. You can cover places like Wichita or Colorado Springs as well from Denver. After all, we are not in Kansas anymore!

3. Seattle

A port on the West Coast, Seattle is famous all over the world for its music scene, hop over to Museum of Pop Music to explore the history of music and the city. Located on river Puget Sound, Seattle is your classic example of a beautiful American metropolitan with mountains, springs and forests all around. The Space Needle as well as the Museum of Flight are must-visit while you are in Seattle. All fans of Grey’s Anatomy will love this trip to Seattle for sure!

4. Chicago


Route 66 – need we say more? Most iconic of American road trips is the road to Chicago from Los Angeles full of motels and stops which has made the trip totally legendary. Chi-town itself has so much to offer to people with its beautiful skyline full of skyscrapers and majestic architecture. Places like Cloud Gate and Navy Pier make Chicago a must for all travellers. And if you don’t like the idea of driving through the desert, simply go to the deep South further to places like St. Louis and Memphis. And keep a collection of classic rock n roll and jazz ready to plunge in the beauty of these iconic cities.

5. New York City


The Big Apple needs to feature on every list of USA, no? A beautiful metropolitan with hordes of places to explore nearby from Long Island to Brooklyn, New York is a diverse and demanding city. Head over to the multiple museums (MoMA, MET), eat at one of the new, up and coming places in Manhattan, visit 30 Rock, take a stroll in Central Park, go on top of Empire State, grab a burrito or catch a show on the Broadway, New York has something for everyone. And when you are tired of all that, head over to Boston on one of the most scenic routes in USA along the Atlantic Ocean.

So, which of these cities are you going to cover on your road trip?

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