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Could Greece be the Destination of Our Next Trip?

by Aswini Vadapalli

Last year’s trip to Greece was easily one of my favorite vacations in recent memory and whilst there I was keeping a keen eye out for hiking trails which the club may wish to take on for our next international trip. I spent the majority of the trip at the wonderful Adorno Suites hotel in Mykonos, an island which isn’t exactly famed for its hiking trails given the flatness of the landscape. We did however do some island hopping during our trip and managed to get a few hikes under our belt. I think that Greece could present the club with a great destination for a future trip, and here are a few routes which I think we would all enjoy.

The Menalon Trail

This 75 km trail is a path which can be found in Arcadia, Gortynia to be precise, which is in the Peloponnese island group. The route is a tough one for sure and it is not just the mountainous terrain which will test us, but also the heat. The trail passes through canyons and gorges and offers some stunning scenery. Along the route there is plenty to explore in the small villages of Elati and Dimitsana, and the route itself is split into 8 sections, each offering a range of challenges and differing in length.

Mount Athos

This was a trail which we managed to complete and I’d really love the opportunity to do it again with the club. Mount Athos is found on the island of Halkidiki and it is considered sacred amongst the locals. The mountain itself offers a medium-level of difficulty and the views as you scale the mountainside are absolutely stunning. This is a quiet route with low traffic and one which I’m sure we’ll all enjoy.

Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is an enormous national park on the south side of Crete and the trail which cuts through it looks amazing. A 16km route which will take us past old ruins from the Byzantine era, following the river as we cut through the rocky landscape. This is an easy hike but one which offers great natural beauty.

Corfu Trail

This beast of a trail will take us over 220km of rugged mountains and natural splendor in the heart of Corfu. Much of this area of the island is not inhabited owing to the mountainous landscape and tough terrain, making it a perfect option for the Alpine club. This truly offers a different side to Corfu beyond the beaches and tourism which many will imagine when thinking about the island and it would be a great achievement to complete the trail. There is so much to discover and explore here in Corfu and this is the hiking route which will ensure that we learn all there is know about what is a fascinating island.

What do you say, Greece in 2020 for some hiking fun?

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