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Dubai to Manila Flights and Duration of Travel

by Aswini Vadapalli
Manila Airport

As a seasoned flight booking individual, neighbors and their friends usually approach me to help them book their cheapest flight tickets for their impending travel abroad. Yesterday, I was asked to find the best and cheapest Dubai to Manila flights for a total stranger. He revealed he got my credential as a freelance travel planner from someone.

At the outset, I confessed to him, I never had been to neither Philippines nor Dubai. However, that won’t stand in my way of searching for the cheapest flight tickets to any destination from anywhere.

He looked relieved and told me his preferred dates of travel to Manila from Dubai.

I asked him whether the dates of departing and returning are firm because, during this pandemic, you never know when any country will impose new travel restrictions that might derail one’s travel plans.

He nodded his head and requested me what he is supposed to do. It was obvious he was clueless as to how to change his date of travel in case of emergencies.

I suggested he opt for flexi travel ticket that would allow him to either advance or postpone his flying dates. Though it is slightly expensive than ordinary tickets, it would relieve the flyer from the anxiety of hassles involved in changing the itinerary that the airlines are always reluctant to oblige. Of course, they would if you pay more by buying flexi tickets.

When I went about booking his flight tickets to Manila from Dubai, I came across the names of four airports in Manila. I was sure only one of them must a major international airport.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

A quick search revealed the name of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila.

It seems to be the busiest airport in all of Philippines Islands.

I found out four airlines are operating Dubai to Manila flights. I chose the most well-known among the four. Then I inquired what his preferred time of departure is.

I quickly found out how much an economy class passenger is allowed to carry, whether any meal is given by the airlines and what are the passenger’s preferences.

Even though Cebu Pacific, the official Philippines airlines operated flights to Manila from Dubai, I think travelers prefer Emirates or Qatar airways.


Well, the reasons are obviously better flights and great service.

I got all the choices that include, the preferred time of departure, meal choice, etc.

After that step, the booking of the flights to Manila from Dubai was a breeze as the website’s interface was user friendly.

I learned the quickest flight from Dubai to Manila took about eight hours though some flights consumed log hours. In addition, I guess they stop in between for a few hours before asking the passengers to board another flight to their final destination.

I like the non-stop flights especially if it involves less than 10 hours of flying. If the journey is long haul such as 15 hours or more, then, we need a break in-between.

Well, booking the flights from Dubai to Manila was another valuable experience for me.

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