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How to Choose the Right Travel Accommodation

by Jane Sophia
Travel Accommodation

Where will I be staying the next time you travel the world? That’s one of the first questions that travelers ask themselves. Some of them are on a budget and have zero interest in spending money on accommodation, while others are far more interested in spending the night in a place that’s clean and as luxurious as possible.

We made a list of simple tips that might help you when you have to sort hotels.

Price bracket

As we were saying at the beginning of the post, the cost of your accommodation matters quite a lot. Depending on it, you have to plan your entire trip, especially if you’re unlucky enough to go to a festival in a town where every hotel is already booked and you have no other choice but to stay somewhere expensive.

Just because you are on a tight budget, you should not stay at the cheapest place you can afford, unless it has really rave reviews. Otherwise, if the pictures you’ll look at online don’t look that good and if you have the suspicion that the B&B or hotel might not raise up to par when it comes to your expectations, you’re going to be tired and unhappy.

Amenities are paramount

People traveling with kids, with their partner, or by themselves have different needs. If you travel alone, you don’t need to make sure that someone you care about is comfortable, as you would if you were to travel with children.

Look for things like parking, whether or not the place has WiFi, whether it has a pool, a fridge and a bathroom in your room, and so on. Very cheap places might have joint bathrooms located in the hall. In our experience, few people really enjoy using joint toilets and showers, so that may be one of your more important considerations.

Where is the hotel located?

If you’re traveling to a town where a specific event is going to take place, you have to know whether your accommodation is going to be close or far from where that event will take place. Keep in mind that in some capitals in Europe, for instance, public transport can be expensive, and taking a taxi can ruin your budget if you’re a student.

That’s why sometimes, it’s better to pay a bit more for your accommodation than to waste money on transportation. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose the right hotel even if you aren’t focused on keeping your budget as safe and sound as possible.

Think of it this way. Educational events such as conferences and other such meetings usually happen in places that aren’t exactly attractive when it comes to feeling the vibe of a city. Usually, congresses have to happen in very large halls, and these are typically available outside the center of a city.

It might be a better idea to pick a small B&B just next to the center of the town and then bike your way to the event you want to get to. You can rent bicycles in many European capitals, and they provide an excellent means of transport. Get the best pair of biking gloves you have at home and start cycling your way through foreign destinations!

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