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Make Planning for Your Next Family Reunion Easier

by Aswini Vadapalli

After the events of the past year, it has never been more important to spend time with your family. Your family is the most important thing in the world to you, and they really should be. Now that vaccines are on the rise and the number of sick people is diminishing every day, you are no doubt thinking about having a family reunion. Everyone’s family is different, and whether you are a quirky bunch of New York types or a group of weirdos from Portland, there is something in Colorado for you and the family. If you are looking for a place to stay with all of the members of your family or you’re looking for some Colorado fun, these are our favorite things in the Centennial State.

Should We Stay in the North or the South?

This really depends on you and your family, since the northern and southern parts of Colorado differ significantly with activities and accommodation. We prefer the southern parts of Colorado because of the massive mountains and all of the opportunities what you have to spend time with your family. There’s something for everyone in Colorado, and most of that ‘something’ is in the south.


Colorado has a lot of availability and options for your stay, but some are better than others. You could use an Airbnb, but you’d be spending time in another person’s house and there typically isn’t a lot of room for your family in a small cottage. You could also use a hotel, but those charge exuberate amounts of money without a very satisfying return usually. These reasons are why our favorite option for family reunions is always estate rentals. You get the biggest bang for your buck and there are some fantastic ones in the south, opening up your range of activities all the way up to the tops of the mountains.

The best options are large vacation rentals that can hold large groups or families. They allow everyone to be in close proximity and makes planning for outside activities much simpler. When you have access to a lot of activities, you can encourage more of your family to come join in the fun. According to Barbara and Alan Sackman – owners of Kevah Grande vacation rentals in Pagosa Springs – “planning large events early is the key to ensuring you get the best turnout. The same holds true for weddings as much as it does family reunions.”

Activities for You and the Family

We’ve all gone to that one family reunion which ended up as boring and forgetful. Usually, this happens because once the family is together, there really isn’t much in common for people outside of just being related. Colorado has a vast network of activities that the family can do alone, together, or in groups. Remember, there is far more available than what is just listed here! Explore your options!

For Individual or Small Groups

Spa Day – When was the last time you unwound and had a day of relaxation that didn’t consist of just junk food and sleeping? Spa days are one of the most underrated experiences that make a dull vacation into something amazing. The spas in Colorado are unique in that you can find special ones everywhere. From outside massages or hot spring hot tubs, there is something for everyone when you look at spa treatments.

For Medium to Large Groups

Beer Tasting – One of the top things that people love and know about Colorado is its exceptional collection of premium beer. This is one of the best things you can do with your family because, as we all know, alcohol brings people together. Colorado has access to a fantastic selection of beers from all over the world as well as their own highly sought-after drinks. Even the people who don’t like beer, will find one that they enjoy here.

For Everyone

Wagon Dinners – Colorado was a settler’s dream, it’s huge mountains and lush landscape meant there were plenty of animals around. Settlers often had wagon dinners, pulling in all of the hunted animals from the days prior and allowing everyone to eat together. Luckily for us, modern wagon dinners still allow for large groups, but better yet, now we can customize your menu to fit your family. Families bond over meals, so it’s important to have at least one large family dinner during your reunion.

Looking to plan a family reunion? Think Colorado first. You have options that no other state has along with a breathtaking view.

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