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Playfulness in Shanghai Disney

by Jane Sophia
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Start by getting off the train

When you get out of the subway station, go to the main gate of the park, as shown in the picture below. Out of the subway station, follow the outermost road, security check also from the outermost road, the shortest straight line between the two points well. The place circled in red is the subway station.

Disneyland has a total of two entry barriers. One is the security channel, the second is the ticket channel.

Subway station to the security channel, the security channel is best to go to the outermost, for you to the rightmost ticket channel, generally speaking, the two sides of the ticket channel are faster than the middle of the release, so after the security check, go directly to the rightmost ticket channel.

Before entering the ticketing lane, if it is a multi-ticket purchase method, you have to enter only after the arrival of the same person! Must be accompanied by the arrival of people to enter! Must be accompanied by the arrival of people to enter! If this is not possible, it is recommended to buy tickets separately.

The first subway about 7:15 arrived at Disney, and then line up through the security channel, if the first subway arrived, through the security channel time is about 7:35, after entering the queue for the ticket area, if the time to too early, the ticket area is not released, you need to wait in line outside first, probably close to 8:00 or so, the ticket area will be open, and then will go through two ticket inspection, the first is The first time is just after the purchase of tickets, and the second time is the actual entry into the park. So the real time to enter the park is about 8:25.

While waiting to buy tickets, you can first connect to the official Disney Wi-Fi, and then you can also go to this brochure, generally familiar with the basic situation of the park.

Soaring over the horizon

After the second ticket gate, even if you really enter the Disney Park. After entering the Disney park, you will be shocked by the beauty in front of you, but do not be confused by the beauty, the beauty has been in, that is, you can not play entertainment facilities which is very embarrassing. Then you will find that most of the people are ignoring the beauty in front of you, spread your legs to run in the same direction, yes everyone’s purpose is located in the adventure island soar over the horizon of the FP, so follow the flow of quickly run to the adventure island.

However, running to Adventure Island to get the FP for Soaring Over the Horizon is not the wisest choice because the visitor center at Adventure Island is the closest of all the visitor centers, so most people will run here, so the queue will be about 30 minutes or more.

The wisest decision is to run directly to the flyover horizon instead of queuing for FP, the queue length will not exceed 15 minutes. This is also a good friend of the owner to give me advice, and also personally practiced, true and credible, that day only about 10 minutes in line has played off, is the queue length of more than 150 minutes of the popular project!

From Mickey Street, to the end of Mickey Street, you can see a small pond place, then turn right and keep going until you see the Adventure Island sign, and then follow the path of the Adventure Island has been walking, about 5 minutes or so, you can see the big sign of Soaring over the horizon.

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