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The Finest Hotels in Jaipur for Family Travel

by Jane Sophia
Jal Mahal

You need not read reviews of hotels in Jaipur. You need not spend quality time to research your staying options in Jaipur.  No hotels in India’s big Cities such as Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, or Hyderabad can match the hotels in Jaipur. Be it a five-star category, budget hotels, BnB inns, lakeside cottages or palace hotels, all of them offer unmatched luxuries and the tastiest vegetarian food that the royals of Rajput once ate.

Most of the high-end hotels in Jaipur are built with the best architects in the world. The hoteliers in Jaipur firmly believe their guests are all from royal families and as such, they offer exquisite interiors that reflect the palace-style furniture and furnishings.

Look at the two examples below.

Chokhi Dhani Resort

Credit: ClearTrip

Chokhi Dhani Resort


Rajputana Royale

Credit: ClearTrip

 ITC Rajputana

The current preferences of travelers, especially those that take their families with them prefer the best comforts they can afford. In fact, when they search hotels booking engines, they first click on the image of a hotel that they think can match their expectations. Even if the price is way beyond their affordability, they would like to stretch a little and settle on their choice.

The hotels engines too have spotted this behavior of users and started offering discounts that attract a few percentages of the travels that are unable to bend a bit. Sites such as Clear Trip are loaded with sleek images of the hotels, reviews by their guests, deals, and discounts to allure the prospective guests.

These hotels engines also offer several sorting criteria of the search results that include:

  • Star rating
  • Price
  • Types of accommodation such as resorts, suites, tree-lodges, guest houses, and BnB inns (Bread and Breakfast homestays)
  • Location and neighborhoods
  • Amenities like attached restaurants, gym, and spa, bar, travel desk, laundry, swimming pool, and free internet etc

Clear Trip had gone one step further by offering a search facility by region. For example, you can look for hotels either in North Jaipur or West Jaipur.

Hotels in Jaipur, the pink city of India cater to the needs of all kinds of people who apply various filters to choose their hotel, tree-house, or guesthouse.

Their filtering criteria are:

  • Price
  • Star rating
  • Ratings by reviewers
  • Location
  • Food type (vegetarian or non-vegetarian)
  • Amenities offered including free Wi-Fi
  • Proximity to places of importance
  • Accessibility to railway station and airport
  • Safety of the location
  • Availability of SPA facilities

Here are a few recommendations of hotels in Jaipur that are great for family travel.

Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur.

This grand hotel in Jaipur has been receiving rave reviews from real-time users who leave behind their honest feedback of the hotel based on their experience. Of course, this particular Jaipur hotel is for those with unlimited spending allowance. Great green exterior with a range of flora and avian life are the major attractions for travelers with family. Their most in-demand accommodation type is the luxury tent.

Luxury Tent

Credit: ClearTrip

Wow! It is certainly a luxury tent that comes with a sit out, bathroom with bathtub, air-conditioner, and carpet.

Taj Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur

Did you notice the absence of the word, ‘hotel’ in its name? I think it is because the hotelier truly believes it is a ‘palace’ first and then a hotel for guests.

Taj Jai Mahal Palace


There are no rooms in this hotel. I mean, there are only suites. With incredible interior and great hospitality, the hotel arranges various outdoor activities that include elephant polo and kite flying! What a combination of fun activities! The food is said to please even tough-to-satisfy gastronomes.


The Tree of Life Resort & Spa, Jaipur

Tree of Life Resort

I am sure that image speaks for this Jaipur hotel’s beautiful location with the backdrop of the Aravalli Mountain range. Beautiful setting! Again, there are no rooms here but only ultra-luxury villas where the guests are pampered with wonderful luxuries and great care. The modern SPA is an added attraction for the guests.

There are other types of hotels in Jaipur such as tree houses also known as ‘nests’, overwater bungalows, and Homestay rooms.

Irrespective of categories of hotels in Jaipur, they are all ideal for families from anywhere in the world. Anyone would instantly fall in love with the food in Jaipur or any part of the Rajasthan state for that matter.

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