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Vintage Rides – Inspiring Motorcycles Adventure Travel

by Jane Sophia
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One of Asia’s professionals for eccentric motor cycle adventure travel  is the Vintage Rides which had been recognized since 2006.  Motorcycle Tours have been designed as unusual tours offering mind-blowing experiences in motor biking.

They have on board a team of specialists for countries such as France, Sri Lanka, India and Mongolia wherein before, during as well as after the tour they ensure that the traveler tends to have the greatest experience with their motor-biking.

To warrant that one travels on a bike in excellent situation, the Vintage Rides tend to have their own garage having a 60-strong fleet of Royal Enfield at its premises located in Delhi.  It comprises of experts who tends to be passionate with the Bullet that are well maintained by them, kept ready for a tour.

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They also have on board six mechanics equipped with great experience in official Royal Enfield bike garages, in the midst of a jovial environment.

Limiting from a double passion for travel exploration and the Royal Enfield, Vintage Rides have created run tours on inspiring motorcycles wherein these tend to  mingle the desire of traveling on the motorbike together with the discovery of offbeat destinations along with the human adventure one tends to explore with total security.

Adventure Travel – Themed Tours

The 350cc Bullet was initially manufactured in Great Britain and had been utilised on the battlefields of World War II. The production of the Royal Enfield had been resumed in 1956 in Madras in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and has currently become an icon of India wherein the rough sound of its single-cylinder reverberates around the country.

Irrespective of the rider being a hard bitten bike or just a beginner, there are various motorcycle tours to suit the need of every adventurer who could make their choice in enjoying the intensity and the pleasure of their adventure.

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They conduct adventure travel in the form of themed tours wherein the rider can make his choice and venture on any of these tours namely the Adventure tour, Motorcycle Ramble, Chic & Charming Escapade and Freedom Package

Adventure Travel is for those whose riding is up to scratch where more than half of the route is said to be trails with 6-8 hours of ride in remote areas and enjoy the experience of the unexpected all along the route.

Motorcycle Ramble – are motorcycle tours comprising of 4-6 hours a day and needs to fulfil transitional riding skill.  Pillion riders are also permitted since most of the tours tend to be only trails of 20%.  These explorations tend to blend the thrill of riding as well as learning the culture of the country.

The rider can enjoy the experience of riding along with the wind in their face while riding to the sound of the engine together with its vibrations on winding roads in the midst of high peak of Ladakh and Nepal, on the Mongolian steppe at the heart of nomadic life as well as in India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

Those interested in discovering the beautiful regions of Asia could choose this adventure travel  where 80% of the time is spent on the roads which could be smooth or rough.  The riders have the time to explore the cultural riches of the country and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.


Chic & Charming Escapade are for those who tend to enjoy riding a fabulous bike and love to relax in comfortable hotels in idyllic settings.  They could have an awesome experience of 3-4 hours ride a day and utilise their free time with stopover at towns and cities and enjoy exploring these areas on the bike.

Freedom tour is a good choice for those who are keen on exploring the location all by themselves or with a companion or among other friends and have a unique experience in exploring the location on the bike.  Here the bikes are provided together with an emergency phone and the biker can ride free and enjoy his adventure travel

Some of the destinations covered are: Himalaya, Southern India, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand and Indonesia.

Motorcycle tours in Himalaya, the legendary chain of mountains gives a secluded, conserved together with timeless scenery wherein the adventurer engaged in adventure travel will be affected by the various cultures and panoramas extending from Ladakh to Uttarakhand through the Himachal Pradesh.

South India – Riders can explore right from Goa to Kakkavalli through panoramas which goes from jungles, wild and conserved beaches, and nature reserves together with rice fields.  They could also explore the Kodachari mount which is around 1300 meters or the Hampi archaeological site which is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Adventure travel fanatics could make their choice in engaging in any of the motorcycle tours which would give them an experience of a life time.



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