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What to Pack When Planning a Vacation in Trichy

by Jane Sophia
Srirangam, Trichy

Trichy is a medium-sized, fast emerging city in Tamil Nadu. This place stands out from cities that are either entirely religious or are concrete jungles. Trichy is one of those destinations that can be explored on a weekend getaway. Moreover, this refreshing destination will not just render anyone speechless but will also offer some beautiful memories which will be treasured even after many years.

Equipped with its own airport and railway station, Trichy enthrals tourists with not only the various churches and temples it offers but also by the astonishing uniqueness that each of these tourist spots brings with them. So, one should not wait any longer and start looking for Chennai to Trichy flights tickets at low cost to get the best deals. After booking the flight tickets, one should make all the preparation to start packing for the trip. Before packing, it is essential to research about the climate of the place.

Seasonal variations do not bring any major sinks in temperature in Trichy. This cultural and historical city of Tamil Nadu experiences a subtropical climate,and the weather here can be broadly classified to summer, winter and monsoon. Trichy experiences a hot summer and cool winter where the average temperature ranges in between 25 – 37º Celsius. The city experiences the most perfect weather from October until March.

Here is a list of items that should be packed when planning a vacation in Trichy:


  • Clothes: If someone is travelling to Trichy during the winter months, they should carry some light warm clothes. Whereas, only light cotton clothes should be taken during the summer months. Since Trichy is home to many of the famous temples and churches, one needs to carry appropriate and covered clothing items which can be worn at such places.
  • Shoes: Tourists should pack a few comfortable pairs of shoes, floaters or sandals that can be worn while exploring the city. Other than that, a nice pair of flip-flops can be carried which can be worn while visiting the temples as they are easier to take off.
  • Eatables: One should alwayscarry packaged eatables like chocolates, chips, biscuits, dry fruits, and wafers whenever they are travelling to a new destination. All these items are of great help just in case one happens to get caughtin an isolated spot or get hungry at unusual hours.
  • Toiletries: One should pack all the basic items which are needed to maintain personal hygiene. These items include body wash, deodorant,toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, shaving kits, face wash, body lotion, shaving kit etc. And if someone is visiting Trichy during the summer months, it becomes essential for them to carry sunscreen with a good SPF. On the other hand, travelling during the winter months demands a cold
  • Camera: Everybody likes torelish the memories of vacations lifelong. This makes it essential to carry a camera to take pictures and shoot videos of the entire journey to appreciate the moments later.
  • Items for Entertainment: Flights can be boring, especially if someone has booked Chennai to Trichy flights tickets at low cost. There are hardly any entertainment options in cheap flights, and this makes it important for tourists to carry some entertainment items which can keep them occupied and entertained throughout their journey. Some of these items include novels, tablets, DVDs, laptops, magazines, headphone, etc.
  • Rain Gear: Trichy experiences the monsoon season from July to October,and the place experiences heavy rainfall during these months. Tourists should carry proper rain gears like umbrella and raincoats while visiting Trichy during these months.

Tourists should always respect the people and places they visit. This makes it highly essential for them to consider the customs and culture of the place they are planning to visit. Knowing about the culture of a city helps them tofigure out what items they should pack and what things they should leave behind. One tip which every traveller should follow is to start packing well in advance so that nothing is left behind.

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