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Why More and More Travelers Are Using Serviced Apartments

by Jane Sophia
Serviced Apartments

Travelling is great fun and allows you to see new and exciting parts of the world, whether you explore hidden corners of America or head out to much loved tourist destinations such as Italy or England. One of the major decisions you’ll have to make when planning a new vacation is where to stay, and that doesn’t have to mean a hotel. More and more travellers are using the facilities of serviced apartment providers, and finding that it offers them greater flexibility and greater value too. Here are three reasons why it could be a smart move for your next vacation.

A Touch of Luxury

We all like the finer things in life, but sometimes we can imagine that they remain tantalisingly out of our financial reach. Thankfully, when it comes to travel or holiday accommodation, that doesn’t have to be the case. Luxury four- and five-star hotels can be superb places to stay, but they also carry a substantial price tag. Sometimes part of the reason is that you’re paying for the brand name of the hotel, which is why luxurious serviced apartments can be much more affordable. They are also much larger than even the most spacious hotel rooms, which is great news if you’re travelling as a group of friends or as a family unit.

Leave Housework to One Side

We’re all proud of our homes, which is why we put in a lot of effort to keep them as neat and tidy as possible. Vacations should be about relaxation, however, and a chance to put everyday cares and activities to one side, so wouldn’t it be nice to leave the house work behind for a few days or weeks as well? Turning to serviced apartment providers for your accommodation allows you to do just that. Unlike regular holiday flats or apartments, you’ll get a daily housekeeping service which keeps your rooms looking perfect day after day, and you can also take advantage of a free concierge and parking service. It’s a taste of how the wealthy live, whatever your bank balance is like.

A Chance to Explore Somewhere New

Travel certainly does broaden the mind, and when you visit somewhere new, you’ll want to see as much of it as you can. City breaks to locations like Newcastle in England are just one vacation idea which will broaden your horizons, and serviced apartments Newcastle allow you to spend more time enjoying all it has to offer. That’s because, unlike many hotels, you can simply come and go whenever you want without having to head through a reception every time. They also include high-quality self-catering facilities, so you can dine whenever you want as well.

Flexibility is one of the great advantages of turning to serviced apartment providers for your holiday accommodation, wherever you travel. When you also consider that they provide great value and offer more than a hint of luxury as well, it’s little wonder that more and more travellers are turning to them. Choosing accommodation can be easy, so now we only have to decide which exciting location to travel to.

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