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11 Best Cabin Getaways for Perfect Weekend Getaway

by Jane Sophia
cabin in jacksonhole

If you are wondering how a cabin will look like, below is an example. There are various types of Cabin Getaways that range from basic to luxurious and the cost per night will also vary correspondingly. Cabins are tucked away from the vicinity of the bustle and hustle of city life. That’s why they are called getaways’.

Cabins are located deep inside jungles, lakesides, remote mountains, beach fronts and near waterfalls. In this blog post, you will discover some very enchanting places in the world and stay in rustic but comfortable cabins. I am sure after reading this blog post, you are not likely to book a hotel again for your holiday. You will keep returning back to lodges (the other name for wooden cabins).

Cabin Getaways

Why cabin getaways attract travelers?

  • The solitude you get
  • Living with nature
  • Fantastic outdoors
  • Melancholic hiking trails
  • Sparkling freshwater bodies
  • Scenic hills
  • Watching wildlife in their natural home
  • Campfires and board games

Whether you’re traveling alone (sheer escape?) or considering family vacations, staying in cabins will make the family to move closer and thicken the bond.

Before introducing you to the romantic and adventurous forest lodges, here are some useful tips to choose the cabin based on your preferences.

  • If your favorite time-pass when living outdoors is fishing, it is better to choose cabins that are located near waterways such as river fronts and lake sides.
  • And If you like to just sit and relax, admiring the scintillating views, then, chose a cabin that suits your tastes.
  • If you like to spend a minimum of 6 hours walking in the woods, then, you can choose to stay in cabins that are surrounded by hiking trails.
  • Wherever you live, if you are used to modern amenities such as electricity, bathrooms with all the fittings etc, then, select a cabin that meets all your needs.
  • Depending on your budget, you will have to do quite a bit of research and this blog post will save you precious time.

11 Best Cabin Getaways

Let us go over Elevan cabin getaways in different locations.

Pioneer Guest Cabin Getaways, Crested Butte, Colarado.

I would rate this tastefully designed cabin as a luxury forest lodge. The Pioneer Guest Cabins are located inside the Gunnison National Forest but only 13 km from Crested Butte, a town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The town’s ideal location makes it an excellent spot to enjoy skiing and biking. The wilderness is incomparable here

There are just 8 cabins located inside a fir forest at the base of the lovely Elk Mountains where a supporting Cement Creek is an added attraction.

You can dine at some of the excellent restaurants in Crested Butte. The most enchanting ‘Wildflower Capital’ in Colorado can be viewed as you take a mountain bike ride.

Far Meadow Cabin Getaways, Sierra National Forest, California

It’s location is a sheer beauty with green meadows surrounded by tall pine trees. The ideal time to stay in one of the cabins is the ‘fall’ season when the entire area turns into a Technicolor jungle.

There are only 3 cabins here; hence advance booking is necessary. In addition, there are two trailers (RV) plus a tent if you need some extra space.  The base camp cabins are looking lovely and spacious too and the outdoor appears cool and very green.

Glen Oaks Cabin Getaways, Big Sur, California

It is located in real forest buddy! There are redwood trees in abundance.

Have you heard of the Big Sur River? The one bedroom cabin at the Glen Oaks is built literally under a redwood tree and the cabin faces the Big Sur River. What else do you want for your cabin getaway? The cabin is fitted with a kitchen adequate enough to make your breakfast.

Cabin Getaways

The attached bathroom has a walk-in shower cabin and the floors are heated too. What a thoughtful idea! The cabin offers free Wi-Fi. Pets are banned and so too the smoking.

There are 8 cabins and two cottages.

If you are averse to cooking your own food, just walk into The Big Sur Roadhouse restaurant and enjoy a fine dinner.

The best time to visit the Glen Oaks is during September and October.

Rolling Huts, Mazama, Washington

I would spend the rest of my life in any one of cabins at Rolling Huts. The location is simply breathtaking with a mountainous backdrop and the meadow on which the cabins are placed looks cool green. The cabins are fitted with wheels! Does that mean, we can keep moving the cabin to different locations? I suppose, the name, “Rolling Huts” is justified.

The outdoors looks inviting to walk for long hours breathing the unpolluted air and smelling the heady countryside air.

The cabins are aesthetically designed with lots of glass and windows.

Cabin Getaways

The promoter calls the cabins as huts and they all come with:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Fireplace
  • Kitchen with microwave
  • Portable toilet
  • Shower and toilets are not located inside but in the nearby barn.

The huts have only one bedroom and there are six of them.

Point No Point Resort, Shirley, British Columbia, Canada

Where exactly is the Point No Point (very unusual name)?

It is found on the most scenic place in Canada, the Vancouver Island to be more specific. The view and the location even if explained by a poet will not convey the beauty of it. Trust me; visit their website to believe it.

Cabin Spotcabin spot_1

The Canadian cabin getaway is quite big with 25 beach facing cabins. They are placed on a slightly upper plateau overlooking the ocean below. The western edge of the resort is bounded by Jacob’s Creek which flows onto a boulder beach.

Wines are served in abundance in their restaurant where one can taste an authentic west coast cuisine.

The furniture and other fittings on the cabins are the talk of the town as they belong to another era completely. The year 1950 designed furniture is named ‘Shaker-style’ that are bright red.

Auks Farm Cabin Getaways, Darjeeling, India

Never heard of it before-eh?; me too, until a few minutes ago. The name Auks struck a chord in me. It’s a black and white bird and in appearance, it resembles the Penguin.  Auks is an excellent swimmer under water; in fact, it is described as a flyer under the water.

So, the bird’s name urged me to look up the cabins for rent in the Himalayas. Darjeeling is a world famous hill station in India. Tourists are enthralled by watching the mist enter their dwellings be it a hotel room or a cabin suitably located in the interior parts of the town, eating the exotic vegetarian food of the Bengalis, and walking along numerous hiking trails on the hill’s eucalyptus tree-lined forest path.

The cabins are said to be eco-friendly cabins and the tents are cozy and comfortable in quiet surroundings.  Food can be ordered in advance so that the hosts serve you freshly cooked vegetables of the Himalayas.

Free Wi-Fi is part of your price.

For the list of amenities and the price per night, please visit: 

Coast Cabin Getaways, Manzanita, Oregon.

Oregon is an American State located on the North Pacific coast. The state’s citizens are known to be of avant-garde culture; whatever you interpret is fine with me too. Even though a coastal place, the state is known to possess very diverse landscape that includes the forests and mountains too. The main tourist attractions in this state are:

  • Farm-to-table food (it means very freshly harvested vegetables)
  • Microbreweries
  • Very tasty coffee shops

The cabins look fine with king size comfortable beds, bathrooms with shower cubicle. There are only 6 cabins.

The location is a hideaway in the town of Manzanita, Oregon. The staying options at this cabin getaway are the cabins, lofts, and coastal homes.

Even the least priced ‘lofts are comfortably furnished. The cabins are elegantly designed, each with a private patio surrounded by greenery.

Cabin _3

While the capital city Portland is only about two hours drive from the Coast Cabins, the Manzanita town is close by only (21 km) so that you can also go out if you are bugged staying at the cabin.


Fireside Resort, Wilson, Wyoming.

cabin _4

I think no words are needed further to explain as the image above is self-explanatory. OMG! What a cabin getaway location! Isn’t very ideal looking getaway?

Cabin _5

The row of cabins above invites me immediately. What about you?

It is located just about 10 km from Teton Village, which is at the base of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. In additions, the Grand Teton National Park is only a short distance away. The well-patronized ski resort cum cabin getaway makes one to extend the intended short stay. Being a ski resort, during the summer, the snow disappears leaving scenic walking trails.

There are 23 cabins in the resort which means the availability chances are better most of the times.


Carson Ridge Luxury Cabin Getaways, Carson, Washington

Quiet holiday seekers flock this cabin getaway because of an ideal location and also because of the range of cabins offered. All the cabins are rustic giving you the ultimate satisfaction of having stayed in a wooden cabin. I think cabin means a rustic one only, not built of any other material; else, they are called buildings.

The cabins here are tastefully furnished with leather chairs and log beds. There would a swing too in the porch. Ah, that’s a well thought of an idea, giving the final touches to wooded cabin getaway.

The getaway is facing green meadows and thick pine forest and cascades of waterfalls.

The Columbia Gorge is simply stunning with the mountainous backdrop and the forest full of trees on the cliff. Idyllic setting mate!

There are 10 numbers of single bedroom cabins.

Redfish Lake Lodge, Stanley, Idaho.

Cabin Getaways

There are several cabins of different sizes and comforts. I counted; there 16 cabins named as bungalows, suites, rooms, and cabin. All of them wear the real rustic look of wooden cabins; the patio outside is the crown of the design. It’s sheer romantic for all age group.

The location will make you gasp; it is at an elevation of 6,550 feet above sea level on the Sawtooth Mountain Range. Redfish Lake Lodge thrives on the Redfish Lake.

The Lodge has its own kitchen and the food is served in the common dining room as well as the outdoor gazebo, a sort of pavilion like structure open on all sides of either a circle or a hexagon. I like the idea of dining at a gazebo.

Adventure lovers simply take off to explore the Sawtooth Mountains either on foot or on the feet of a horse. Bikes can also be hired to go around the high mountains.

Abajo Haven Guest Cabin, Blanding, Utah.

As their website says, Abajo Haven has more State and National Parks than anywhere else in the USA! Look at the list of sightseeing places in and around the Cabin.

  • Mesa Verde National Park
  • Valley of the Gods
  • Hovenweep (a monument of ruins)
  • Canyon National Park

and more

Cabin _7

All the cabins are log cabins run by solar power with more than one comfortable bed and a huge window. The place has got everything a cabin getaway site should have such as greeneries, mountains, animals and rare birds.


After reading this blog post, you won’t opt to tour any other city-based holiday destinations.

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