Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg: 10 Weekend Secluded Escapes

by Jane Sophia
B’sorah Luxury Tented Camp, Best Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg

Where can you go for a romantic sojourn near Johannesburg? Where can you spend a tranquil and very private weekend with your romantic partner? Know about the following 10 secluded and Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg from this post.

When I first came to know about a game lodge listed as a romantic place, I was sarcastic because how can a rustic cabin located in a game park act as a place to hide with your romantic partner!

I slept over it and allowed my mind to examine the pros and cons of two people getting lodged up for two days on a wilderness park area.

I realized how such a place could give all the 24 hours only to the residents of the log cabin or a treehouse. After all, isn’t that all you wanted when you thought of a sojourn-the time and the isolation?

Then I began to research the most secluded and quiet Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg that can serve as romantic seclusion.

During my research, I found there are hundreds of places in entire South Africa where one can seek undisturbed privacy so much so that you won’t hesitate to take a shower in a cubicle that has no roof except the sky.

Well, isn’t that an ultimate place where privacy is fully guaranteed?

Some of the types of places near Johannesburg that can act as romantic hideaways:

Let us get to know ten Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg that are excellent withdrawal haven.

  1. Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg: Thirsty Falls Guest Farm

From the heart of Johannesburg, you can reach the Thirsty Falls guest house in about 90 minutes. Hmm… that’s is close to Johannesburg indeed!

When you focus on your destination, don’t look for a waterfall because there is no waterfall. The Thirsty Falls is the name given to the guest farm that located with a backdrop of the Magalies Mountains.

Here is an image of your weekend Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg , Thirsty Falls Guest Farm.

Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg Thirsty Falls Guest Farm

Apart from a single bedroom accommodation, there are two and three-bedroom houses also that are suitable for a whole family or a family of two friends or neighbours.

Please be aware that each accommodation has plenty of space in between so that your privacy is not compromised.

Your romantic withdrawal place is part of the Magaliesberg Biosphere.

When you step out of your guesthouse, you can watch the exotic plant life of South Africa on the farm.

There is a small studio also with a kitchen. This is smaller than a one bedroom house.

Hand in hand, you two can enjoy a cable car ride, a canopy tour or even go horse-back riding (on a single horse of course).

  1. Manyane Resort, Pilanesberg National Park

Manyane Resort, Pilanesberg National Park

This canvas tent is cosy enough for an intimate couple. Even without a ‘do not disturb sign outside the canvas, no one will intrude on your privacy. (There is no way for others to knock on a door-right?)

This Romantic Getaway in Johannesburg namely, Pilanesberg Game Reserve located at about 195 km from Johannesburg.

When you think you have had enough of gazing at your partner, you can venture out and join a safari tour to watch all the three big cats. If they are elusive to you, you can still have a chance to spot hyena or just a bunch of feral dogs or a herd of Springboks.

Accommodation at Manyane Resort

  • 4 Bed Chalets with air-conditioning
  • 2 Bed Chalets with air-conditioning
  • Canvas tents called “safari tents”.

The landscape of the Pilanesberg National Park includes:

  • Volcanic hilly terrains
  • Forests
  • Ravines
  • Bushes
  • Meadows

To reach the Manyane Camp Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg, you need to drive 2 hours in your car or a hired sedan.

  1. B’sorah Luxury Tented Camp, Best Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg


You can reach this rather dry destination in less than an hour from Johannesburg. If you drive your own car, locate Broederstroom on your car’s GPS map and go. However, if you travel in a cab, tell the driver to go towards the Magaliesberg Mountains. You will be able to locate the B’sor Luxury Tented Camp near the Hartbeespoort Dam.

To describe the landscape of the location, you can say ‘it is typically Africa’-a place full of savannahs, bushes, rare birds, streams and riverine, African elephants and sheer wilderness for as far as you can see.

Ah, it is all the more ideal for couples in love and wants 100% privacy.

Live in the cool confines of the tent till 2 pm. Then after lunch, go for game watching. If lucky, you can spot Springboks, kudu, baboons, and warthogs.

Nearby attractions:

  • Hartbeespoort Dam
  • Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Canopy tours
  • Elephant sanctuary
  • Magaliesberg Mountains
  • Lion Safari Park
  • Pilanesberg National Park.
  • Sun City

Types of accommodation in B’sorah Luxury Tented Camp:

Well, as the name suggests, this is a tented camp weekend getaway, and the tents are called luxury though I am sceptic about the comforts in such a remote wilderness. However, we are not bothered about the comforts-right? We want seclusion, and there is an abundance of it.

B’sorah Luxury Tented Camp, Best Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg

  1. Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg: Lindani Weekend Escape, Waterberg

The distance from Johannesburg to Waterberg is 300 km. It is in the heart of the authentic and original Africans. You can witness some unspoilt African culture and eat real African cuisine.

This is not a town, buddy but an escape for the privacy seekers.

The accommodations are of game lodge type. Here is an image of this romantic withdrawal:

Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg Waterberg

Lindani promises you not t to disturb if you prefer to be so.

Since it is in the heart of game viewing area, you will spot quite several wild animals such as:

  • Giraffe
  • Zebra
  • Wildebeest
  • Impala
  • Waterbuck


  • Buffalo

To the South Africans, Waterberg is one of the most sought after recluse that also offers abundant wildlife.

  1. Kingfisher Lodge, Waterberg

So, you have two options if Waterberg is your top preference for a short sojourn. Kingfisher Lodge is beautifully located on the banks of Palala River.

You can stay in the middle of a landscaped garden where the cottages built aesthetically.

Look at the view outside your cottage:

Kingfisher Lodge, Waterberg

The sun is shining gloriously, and the afternoon seems to ideal for a long siesta.

As mentioned earlier, Waterberg is the best wildlife viewing area near Johannesburg. Apart from the big 5, you can also spot the huge hippo when it comes out of the Palala River.

Guests at the Kingfisher lodge can leisurely wander through sprawling savannahs and deciduous forests, walk along the shores of Palala River, climb the cliffs with their romantic partner and enjoy two full days of Saturday and Sunday.

  1. Glenburn Spa Resort

A spa resort just on the outskirts of Johannesburg (less than 40 km) is an excellent option for those who seek to escape to a secluded place.

Though this spa resort promises privacy, I believe it can spoil one’s expectation because of its luxuries and proximity to the big city of Johannesburg.

Nevertheless, the countryside of any big South African city starts within minutes of leaving the city’s perimeters.

The location of Glenburn Spa resort is picturesque with the backdrop of the Zwartkops Mountains. An additional attraction is the Blaauwbank River that is flowing nearby. Can you visualize this beautiful setting, mate?

Being a Spa hotel, you can expect several rooms for different treatments such as aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, pedicure, Jacuzzi, herbal massages, manicure, and whatnot.

Another unique spa treatment in the Glenburn hotels and Spa is wine therapy. I think this aspect alone makes it a wonderful weekend getaway for all.

If your spouse accompanies you, choose a riverside cottage.

Alternatively, you can opt to stay in a property that is overlooking a green forest.

Glenburn Spa Resort

Liked what you saw?

  1. Monate Game Lodge, near Johannesburg

Monate Game Lodge, near Johannesburg

The exact location of this game viewing getaway is near Modimolle. It takes about two and a half-hour drive from Johannesburg.

Three types of accommodations offered at this romantic getaway. If you are a just married couple, I would suggest booking the Skukuza Villa that seems to be large and spacious.

This villa has two bedrooms with air-conditioning facility. Since it comes with a private pool, I recommend this property in spite of having one extra bedroom.

Honeymooners-haven’t my suggestion answered your privacy expectation?

You can choose to get on board with a safari tour inside the Monate game park either in the morning or in the evening.

This is an ideal place to watch the herds of galloping zebra and giraffe because the landscape of this game reserve comprises of large tracts of plains.

It is a breathtaking sight, buddy!

There is also a night safari in a jeep. Nighttime animal safari is the best choice as the chances of sighting lion or tiger are more. Bird watching can be engaging if you are interested.

Monate Game Lodge is a superb place for a weekend of romance and privacy.

  1. Muldersdrift Riverview Spa Retreat, Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg


From Johannesburg, Muldersdrift is located at 33 km away. It is a very short distance from Johannesburg involving just half an hour drive, thus giving you ample time to relax the first day of your weekend inside your room.

On day two, you can venture out on the open, indulge in some of the spa treatments and feel fresh and rejuvenated.

The river mentioned in the name of this romantic spa escape is called ‘Crocodile River’. It has a backdrop of Zwartkop Mountains. Both these are part of the Kromdraai Conservation area.

Imagine such a tranquil setting in a game park in South Africa. You will feel an urgency to spend your last two days of the week happily.


These are called ‘chalets’ with either one or two bedrooms. The rooms are well furnished and come with all the basic amenities.

In all, there are eight chalets of varied size and rates.

  1. Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg: Thabela Thaben Mountain Retreat

The image above is of a two-bedroom chalet perched on a mountain surround by thick foliage. Other chalets can accommodate 4, 6, 8, and ten people.

Also, there is a dormitory type of a hall called ‘youth hostel’ where as many as 96 people can sleep!

Thabela Thaben Mountain Retreat provides ultimate privacy that a couple seeking seclusion can expect because all the chalets are located inside the mountainous forests offering beautiful views. Assure you, Thabela Thabeen Mountain Retreat is one of the best Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg.

The location of this weekend resort is not very far away from Johannesburg. A mere two hours drive is all that you require reaching Thabela Thaben Mountain Retreat.

In all the chalets, there is a built-in kitchen to enable you to make your own tea or drinking chocolate. You can also toss a freshly made egg omelette.

Adventure activities offered by the Thabela Thaben Mountain Retreat are:

  • River Rafting
  • Guided mountain hiking
  • Abseiling
  • River tubing
  • Archery
  • Paintball

Bird watching can also pursued, as there is an abundant species of avifauna that is typical of South Africa wildlife.

  1. Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg: Brookwood Estate and Trout farm

Romantic Getaways in Johannesburg Brookwood Estate

What an idyllic setting! Exactly a honeymoon couple would wish for-right? In addition, a whole family of 4 people can stay in such an independent cottage located on a green meadow, overlooking the typical South African countryside.

The South Africans prefer to call the cottage ‘chalet’. There are only two chalets in Brookwood Estate for weekend withdrawal.

If you are running low on budget, book one of the three camper’s cabins where two people can sleep.

Camper’s cabin:

Brookwood Estate weekend escape is just an hour drive away from Johannesburg. Pretoria also is located at the same distance from Brookwood Estate and Trout Farm.

River Blaauwbank is the sweet home for some huge trout that you as a resident of the farmhouse can fish.

Buddy, this is South Africa, the world’s most coveted place to see wild animals. Near the Brook Estate and Trout Farm also, there is a lion sanctuary.

These 10 romantic sojourns near Johannesburg are just sample of what is in store in the whole of South Africa near big cities that include Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, and Port Elizabeth.

Similar to Kerala in India, South Africa in the African continent offers so many places to see and activities to undertake.

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