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9 Best Things to Do in Toulouse, France

by Jane Sophia
Best Things to Do in Toulouse, France

Happy to enter France again after covering most of the cities in southeast France (French Riviera).  When I did a bit of research on Toulouse, I was surprised to know that, it is the fourth largest city in France. The list is naturally headed by Paris.

Let us first know the location of Toulouse.

Toulouse Map

You can easily locate it in the map, almost at the end, just above the Pyrenees Mountains. Spain lies on the other side of the Pyrenees.

How to reach Toulouse?

Being a very popular and large city, it has its own airport. You can fly from the U.K, Spain etc.

From Paris, also, you can fly into Toulouse.

In addition, you can travel by train from Paris. The 680 km distance is covered in about 5 and ½ hours.

As many as 11 trains a day ply between these two cities. That is an excellent connectivity. It also speaks for the importance of it as a terrific holiday destination.

You can also take a train from Rome.

Both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean flank the city.

Moreover, River Garonne flows through the city.

Best Things to Do in Toulouse:

  1. Ariane 5

Ariane 5

This is the foremost attraction. It looks like a rocket-right. In addition, it is indeed a replica of Ariane 5 rocket.

It is part of a Space City called, :Cite de l’espace. There are a few things to see in this place, such as:

  • Mir Space Station replica
  • Soyuz Spacecraft

All these are life-size replica.

In addition, there is a control room with interactive features. You can actually watch a rocket take off!

I am sure, children would be delighted to learn about these spacecrafts etc, and boast about the knowledge gained, among their friends

  1. Capitole Square

This impressive building is where the Government machineries meets and administers the city, and its suburbs.

The building was once a palace known as Palais Bourbon.

Some amazing facts of the Capitole:

  • There are incredible, 9500 rooms! OMG! Can you imagine walking across all of them? How long a tour of the palace will it take?
  • A full-fledged hotel also functions from this palatial (literally) building. However, it is not for the public but meant only for the chief of the Assembly.
  1. Basilica of St. Sernin

Basilica of St. Sernin

Churches throughout France are as magnificent as the cathedrals, and basilicas of Rome and other big cities in Italy.

If you are an ardent admirer of Gothic, and Renaissance architecture, you should not miss visiting these churches.

Look at another view of this basilica.

This building was built in the Romanesque style, and is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is truly one of the best things to do in Toulouse. Can you believe it is more than 1000 years old?

  1. Airbus A380

This huge flying beast was once an owner’s pride, and neighbor’s envy.

It is parked as a tourist attraction in Toulouse.  Please be aware it is only a prototype, and not a retired Airbus A380 flight.

The flight has two stories (a double decker). 850+ passengers can board the flight. Oh, I man, the number is inclusive of the flight crew.

I think the Airbus A380 is one of the biggest tourist attractions.

  1. Musee des Augustins

There is no dearth of museums in France. Every museum is held in high esteem by the French people, and well patronized.

The paintings and sculptures museum was opened to the public in 1793! But the building was built in the early 14th century, and housed an Augustinian convent.

Other museums of repute to see:

  • Bember Foundation-deals with art
  • Museum d’ Historie de Naturelle
  • Les Abatoirs-Agaiin displays various styles of art. This museum draws quite a good number of visitors, this is one the best things to do in Toulouse.
  1. The Church of the Jacobins

The scenic setting on the banks of River Garonne, gives the church an extra attraction.

  1. Pyrenees

This large mountain range is rated equal to the Himalayas. You have to go in a taxi for 100 km to reach the base of the Pyrenees.

The length of the mountain range is 500 km. The highest peak is situated at an altitude of over 11,000 feet!

The peak Pico de Aneto

A very small European country known as Andorra is located on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees.

  1. Pont Neuf

Though, there is nothing beautiful about this, it is usually included in the list of places to see.

It is a historic bridge built over the River Garonne, in the 17th century.

  1. Jardin Japonois de Toulouse

Jardin means a garden. Obviously, the name says it all; it is a Japanese garden. It means, the landscaping is done in Japanese style, but the flora is very much French.

You need a video to see the garden clearly. Here it is.

The Jardin is lush with diverse tree species.

The meadows are inviting to sit and relax. There is a small water body, but without boating fun.

I believe it is one of the top landmarks to see in this city. In fact, you are likely to repeat your visit to the botanical garden.

There is a wooden gazebo abutting the pond. It will be relaxing to have a tea, looking at the pond.

Strangely, the video didn’t capture any rose garden. It is odd to see a garden in France without rose plants.

The garden artist has done some creative work.

I read a food tour in the city is highly recommended. Of course, it will attract only French food lovers.

In summary, Toulouse is worth visiting for its great Romanesque buildings, museums, and basilica.

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