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Slovenia Travel: 14 Best Things To Do In Slovenia

by Jane Sophia
Slovenia Travel: 14 Best Things To Do In Slovenia

know more about  Slovenia Travel, a central European country. Get to know all the important sightseeing places to visit in Slovenia, especially the Lake Bled, snow-clad mountains, lush forests, great ski resorts, and sprawling lakes.

One of the tourism rich regions in the world is Central Europe. If you visit just one country in the Central European region starting with Slovenia, you will be visiting all its neighbors for your annual vacation.  You won’t look elsewhere to spend your family vacation till you see visit all of the central European nations that include:

Slovenia Travel Attractions and 14 Best Things To Do In Slovenia

I spent 6 hours to research and list out all the important sightseeing places to see in Slovenia. At the end of my research, I felt I did not dig out to my satisfaction because every village, town, and coastal area in Slovenia is alluring with rich natural beauty and large water bodies.

I think all its European neighbors command full attention from holidaymakers and casual travelers.

Come on, let us go over the list of things to do in Slovenia.

  1. Slovenia Travel Attraction: Ljubljana

Ljubljana (yeah, very tough to pronounce) is the capital of Slovenia and naturally, you will be landing there at the start of your annual holiday. Once you settle yourself in a cozy and warm hotel room, you will go through the city’s tour itinerary. You will heave a sigh of regret that you have not allocated more than a day for seeing around Ljubljana as there are just too many tourist landmarks in the capital of Slovenia such as:

  • Museums
  • Tivoli Park
  • Art galleries
  • Ljubljanica River

Watch a short video clip showing you around Ljubljana city:

Did you notice the beautiful cycling trail and the city’s canal network in Ljubljana? The roadside cafes and their fares appear inviting to try out the local Slovenian cuisine, people moving about in a relaxed manner-all these impress a tourist instantly.

Note down the following things to do and places to see in Ljubljana during your Slovenia Travel. Without this bucket list, you will return from Slovenia, poor.

  • Visit Central Market
  • Scroll down the Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge

  • Triple Bridge

Slovenia Travel Triple Bridge

  • Ljubljana Castle

Slovenia Travel Ljubljana Castle

  • Cathedral of St. Nicholas
  • Tivoli Park
  1. Slovenia Travel Attraction: Lake Bled

Slovenia Travel Attraction Lake Bled

After you spend a day roaming around Ljubljana, you can dream of visiting the captivating Lake Bled the next day. It is the second most must-see place in Slovenia.

The majestic mountain you see in the backdrop of the lake is the stunning Julian Alps named after the towering character, the Roman king Julius Caesar.

After just gazing at the beautiful lake, it’s time to get up and go to see a few nearby attractions that include:

  • Bled Island

Bled Island

It is an important tourist landmark when you are in Slovenia travel trip. Take a rowboat and flex your muscles for a few minutes to reach Bled Island located in the middle of the Bled Lake.

  • Walk through the adjoining forests
  • Bled castle built atop a mountain
  • Look at the Zaka Valley from a viewpoint
  • Trek through picturesque Mala Osojnica trail
  • Eat a few Slovenian pastries that are highly recommended

Slovenian pastries and Easter eggs

  1. Logar Valley, Slovenia

Logar Valley, Slovenia

Do you think you will dare to skip this breathtaking natural attraction of Slovenia travel? Obviously not! The scenic Logar Valley is part of the Kamnik Alps located in northern Slovenia.

Here is how the Logar Valley will look during autumn.

Logar Valley

  1. Postojna cave, Slovenia

This is not a painting, folks, though, at first sight, I too thought it is a painting by a genius artist who reproduced on a canvas what he saw.

This is real, buddy; it is the scene of Postojna Cave in Slovenia travel.

When I learned its length is 24 km plus, I decided I won’t enter the cave because I am an acute claustrophobic.

Postojan Cave is a network of several caves and they were naturally formed by the incessant erosion of River Pivka.

A toy train takes the tourists through the Postojan Caves.

  1. Slovenia Travel Attraction: Skocjan Caves

Ah, this is another real cave that is dark and gloomy.

Skocjan Caves are a highly visited cave system is worth visit in your  Slovenia Travel. Though it is eerie inside the cave, your fear will be subdued due to the presence of a guide and your fellow tourists.

  1. Vogel Cable Car, Slovenia

It is a spellbinding sight of the Lake Bohinj from the cable car. The sparkling water below under glorious sunshine is a sight to behold.

From the base of the cable car station, you will be climbing up a little more than 5000 feet sitting inside the safety of the cable car.

  1. Slovenia Travel Attraction: Vintgar Gorge

Slovenia Travel Attraction Vintgar Gorge

The Radovna River creating frothy white water that is rushing like mad is what you see below, at the bottom of the gorge that lies some 350 feet down.

The Vintgar Gorge and the Lake Bled can be seen in quick succession as both are located close by.

The scenic background, picturesque walking path entices anyone to indulge in a hiking secession.

  1. Kranjska Gora Ski Resort, Slovenia

Not many people are aware that Slovenia offers excellent skiing tracks in the Julian Alps. For both the  novice and veteran, there are various skiing slopes extending up to 40 km!

Kranjska Gora Ski Resort, Slovenia

After a stint of skiing, warm up with a hot bowl of stew. If you feel hunger, try out a plate of dumplings that are stuffed with meat.

Slovenia Travel: 14 Best Things To Do In Slovenia

  1. Slovenia Travel Attraction: Lake Bohinj

Slovenia Travel Attraction Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is a glacial lake which means it is fed by the melting glaciers. So, it is a freshwater lake and a perennially filled water body.

The Lake Bohinj is a large lake measuring 4 km by 1 km in its length and width respectively.

This large size implies the Lake Bohinj is available for several water sports such as row boating and stand up paddle boating.

I think the water in the lake must be quite chilly thus forcing the swimmers to stay off the water. However, I think you can do fishing. The most likely catch will be a brown tout.

The snow-clad mountains that you see in the above image as a backdrop to the Bohinj Lake are the Julian Alps.

Look at an aerial view of the Bohinj Lake.

Bohinj Lake

Spectacular view! I would rate this as one of the topmost beautiful lakes in the world.

From your base Ljubljana city, you can reach the scenic Lake Bohinj in a little less than two hours.

  1. Slovenia Travel Attraction: Pericnik Waterfalls

This gorgeous waterfall is a hidden one. I mean it is not spotted from the main road; you need to walk a bit deep into the forest to find the source of the sound.

Pericnik waterfall is part of the Triglav Nation Park, Slovenia.

  1. Triglav National Park, Slovenia

There is only one national park in Slovenia in the name Triglav. Triglav National Pak was formed only as late as 1981. The location of this national park of Slovenia is in north-west Slovenia.

Triglav National Park, Slovenia

It seems to be the most serene place in Eastern Europe. Julian Alps mountain range is also part of the Triglav National Park.

  1. Triglav Lakes Valley, Slovenia

As there are several lakes in this scenic valley, it earned its name Lakes Valley. In addition, since the lakes are part of the Triglav National Park, the Lakes Valley is preceded by the word ‘Triglav’.

If there is a valley, then, there must be mountain-right? In the case of Triglav Lakes Valley, the mountains guarding it are:

  • The Julian Alps of Slovenia.
  • Mountain Tičarica
  • Mountian Zelnarica

Below are the names of the lakes in the Triglav Lakes Valley:

  • Black Lake
  • Big Lake
  • Podstenje Lake
  • Double Lake

In these lakes, there is endemic amphibian called Alpine Newt

  1. Savica Waterfall, Slovenia

The water falls from a height of 2000 feet and it is the Black Lake that is falling in northwestern Slovenia.

Though the water is falling from a height of 2000 feet, its force is subdued as the water is falling over rocks and the final result is a cascade.

The water from the Savica Falls flows into Lake Bohinj.

  1. Lake Jasna, Slovenia

Slovenia Travel Lake Jasna

Isn’t the Lake Jasna set amidst scenic mountains and lovely trees? The water looks beautiful emerald green. The lake provides several water sports including a water trampoline that is an inflated rubber body with a flat platform on which you jump and enjoy the bounce.

Apart from these beautiful natural attractions, you can visit several small picturesque towns in Slovenia Travel that include:

  • Kamnik
  • Ptuj
  • Piran

Since the majority of Slovenia’s landscape is mountainous, there are numerous spellbinding viewpoints that can be reached via breathtaking roads.

I think you need to plan for a five-day trip for Slovenia Travel to admire its stunning beauty.

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