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10 Tips to Have a Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking The Bank

by Jane Sophia

Are you ready to explore your favorite holiday destination this summer vacation? Have you done with all your plans and ready to go? But there’s one problem which restricts you and that is your holiday travel budget. As soon as holidays arrive, most of us are busy making plans as you always want to get away from the regular hustle-bustle of your tight schedule. But spending a two week holiday, investing all your money and returning back home with no money in your pocket, is a very bad idea. All you have to do is, become more cost-conscious and follow the ten tips given below in order to have an amazing vacation but without breaking the bank.

That Perfect Holiday Without Getting a Hole in Your Pocket

  • The first and foremost rule for any holiday travel plan is to pick up your date, time and location. Always choose the off-peak time to travel like spring or autumn. Try avoiding the crowds in summer and snow-chasing tourists in winter. Choosing weekends to travel is also not a good option.
  • Next is the location, always broaden your search and decide the destinations that you can afford. You may often end up experiencing the other nearby towns to your dream destination.
  • Set a maximum holiday Wherever you go, chalk out all the expenses including traveling cost, accommodation, shopping, eating, sightseeing, etc. Make sure that you stick to the budget.
  • Do good research and price comparison. Try to do the advance booking and this will help you to save your money from hotel and flight accommodation.
  • Let your holiday travel agent keep an eye out for special discounts and opportunities that suit your trip and never forget to take his advice before booking. In this way, you can get cheaper hotels with cheaper flight rates.
  • Do not increase the cost of snacks, room service or drinks from the minibar. Making these extra expenses may land you up in exceeding your budget. Try out the alternatives.
  • Avoid swiping your credit cards. Credit cards would do nothing rather leaving a huge hole in your pocket. Distribute your holiday budget in different envelopes with different categories.
  • Try walking. Avoid those lofty taxi fares. In this way, you get to explore more and experience your destination and end up saving money.
  • A holiday means shopping. Avoid unnecessary shopping because this may blow up your budget. Rather you may buy some souvenir of that place for your friends and families.
  • Be cautious about your baggage weights and documentations. Overweight and extra baggage may cost you extra in the airport. Try carrying a small holiday travel bag with the necessary items in it.


After all the planning is done, always cross-check them. If the destination you decided is out of your budget, you may sometimes have to change your destination. Always remember that you enjoy your holiday with your friends and families to the fullest. You must not repent on your expenses and follow these tips in order to have a successful vacation.

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