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How to Get Free Flights to Travel For Free

by Jane Sophia
Free Flights

Often thought of traveling in a cheap flight or rather a free flight? Free flights are like a dream come true. Once you come to know about the tricks of the trade, free flights are a big saving. But it is not that easy, you have to keep a track of airlines social media feeds, sign up various airline rewards and keep checking fares at websites. There are few shortcuts ways by which you can earn a free flight ticket to travel.

All About The Free Flights Information

Free Flights

  • Credit card bonus: Credit card often comes with plenty of deals. There are various sign-up offers which are the all-time high. It is often said that once you sign-up, credit cards offer you with fifty thousand miles or sometimes even more. With this, you can afford to fly one-way distance in many free flights. GoBankingRates, MileCards and The Points Guy track card are the websites which offer bonuses so that you can enjoy free flights just by signing in. But regarding the credit cards, make one thing always clear, you need excellent credit in order to qualify these types of offer. Or else if you fail to pay your bills timely, you may end up erasing your savings.
  • Coupons and promo codes: Ticket to free flights can be easily earned by simply exploiting promotions. Always try to keep a track of free flight coupons and promo codes and get yourself linked to various airlines social platforms, they often lay out new promotional codes. This process of earning a free ticket might be difficult and is very rare.
  • Knowing the right sites: Expedia, Orbitz or Kayak are the sites which offer exciting flight deals. But the airlines own sites offer cheaper deals than these because more the number of people know about a site, less are the chances of getting cheaper flight deals in those sites. Airline sites such as View From The Wing, ExpertFlyer, FlyerTalk’s forum or The Flight Deal gives you the benefit of changing dates and routes.
  • Never miss out the mistaken fares: Grab and never miss this type of opportunity because fares may seem so low that you sometimes think it is a mistake. The Secret Flying website comes up with these types of offer such as “buy one, get one” ticket to free flights. Remember that they never last for a long time and may get vanished anytime but at the same time can turn out to be very advantageous.
  • Purchase through the airline shopping portals: Shopping through the airlines can help you earn miles and get ticket to free flights. Instead of buying from your regular online shopping websites, try to log in the airline shopping portal and earn endless miles. For example, if you buy a laptop, it offers you thirty miles per dollar. In this way, your shopping is also done along with a free flight ticket.

Getting free things are a tough job but not an impossible one. Following these strategies, you can earn the ticket to many free flights and end up saving more money.

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