Get Paid to Travel Around the World

by Jane Sophia

It is a dream for many people to travel and get paid. You have to work very hard in order to become a professional travel blogger. The first few years of your traveling career are going to be very difficult because you would not be making money magically. Before making money as a blogger you need to have two things. Firstly, establish a travel blog and secondly, have some authority on the internet. Always remember that a blogger needs to save money for traveling. Cut off all your luxuries and downsize your lifestyle. Giving up unnecessary things can help you to save money in big numbers. Make yourself location independent on how to accommodate in the cheapest places with less money in the pocket. There are various ways by which you can get paid by simply traveling. The easier it sounds, the harder it is.

Travel More To Earn More: Methods To Get Paid While Traveling

  • Brand partnerships through social media: Nowadays social media can turn out to be very productive. People who do not have a blog can build their own social media channels and have followers. There are companies that would pay you on social media accounts such as Instagram. You can post your photographs and get paid for those.
  • Affiliate tracking links: Sometimes you can share your equipment of photography, books, online courses or your travel gear and attach those products with special affiliate tracking links. In this way, whenever a person decides to buy something by clicking on the link, you can get a small commission. A few examples are,, etc.
  • A job on a Cruise ship: If you have any talent say, singing, you can sing and earn money. You may even work as cleaning staff, bartenders, activities manager and it is a perfect way to see the world on a cruise ship while getting paid at the same time.
  • A travel guide: A good travel guide can easily travel more than the other people who go on tours around the world. You should have knowledge about the place and always be patient. This can be a good chance to earn money while traveling. Besides becoming a travel guide, you can even opt to work with travel companies by using your corporate skills. There are huge chances where you get the opportunity to get paid while traveling.
  • Become a freelance travel writer: There are websites that require several traveling stories. Share your stories and write travel-related articles for such websites. This may turn out to be a decent way of earning money.
  • A tour organizer: Start with small tours. Travel bloggers run their own tours by organizing destinations around the world. But this isn’t a simple process, you have to look into various matters such as traveling budget, food, writing retreats, workshops to teach your client.

Never stop learning. Always remember that you are one the who can work hard for yourself in order to make your lifestyle sustainable. You may see a downfall, but do not give up, rather work hard with patience and dedication.

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