Strange and Exotic Food in America

by Jane Sophia
Food in America

Do you think there exclusive professional eaters in America who are paid just to go around to different hotels in every city and state and blog their gourmet experience? You bet there are. How else a chocolate soup or a pastrami can become so famous that they get widespread coverage?

I am sure not many have heard about chocolate soup and the pastrami is also a very obscure meat product that is made of pork or beef. When I saw the recipe of it, I felt like tipping the cook even before I tasted it. It was a lengthy process that demands enormous patience and knowledge of the right herbs.

Exotic Food in America

Well, the so called professional eaters’ job is not an enviable one. They may be to digest all kinds of Exotic Food before they start listing them out, rank them and then, write about them.

Strange and Exotic Food in America

They cannot be classified under ‘food bloggers’ because the food bloggers are more focused on how the food is cooked. I would call the professional eaters are ‘food travelers’ and ‘food traveling’ is a category among travel blog owners.

Tim Janus is now ranked number one in the competitive eating sport.

The idea of food traveling impressed me and I began my search for the best foods in various cities of the United States simply because, I wonder what exactly is the taste of America. Culinary treasures should be made open to public-right?

Come on, let us explore the taste of America!

Chocolate Soup:

Atlanta is the Capital of Georgia, one of the southern states of America. Naturally, the food here will carry the flavors of the South. If that is so, then, their fried chicken will be totally different and better too than the ubiquitous KFC. The chocolate soup is famous here and so too the chili dogs.

pastrami America

A rare beef steak called 240 day aged rib eye

Texas beef steak are world famous and one their improvisation is the above said rare steak that tourists spend money to travel to Texas just to taste this meat, I saw the photo of it and I must say it is mouth watering. It is old not by weight folks but by ‘inch’! Yes, it costs $80 per INCH!

Don’t believe me? Go ahead copy and paste the bold letter words above in Google and press the ‘Enter’ button. You will busy for the next 15 minutes learning about the most expensive steaks in America, not only in America but also in the world.

Memphis, Tennessee is known for maple bacon and San Diegan. The latter is a favorite of Rachel Ray, a star of Food Network. The Food Network is an American television channel dedicated to covering various special foods of American cities.

Lucy lucy America

Jucy Lucy of Minneapolis, Exotic Food in America

We have seen the cheese topped meat inside a burger but do you know that in Jucy Lucy, the cheese is found inside the meat? I wonder how they could put cheese inside the pork! In addition, the Jucy Lucy is packed with pickled pig’s feet.

The fried frog of New Orleans, America

A chill down your spine-yeah? For me too. It seems the New Orleans invented this food of fried frog legs, accompanied by fried goose fat. The Le Pig Mac, another version of meat burger is widely eaten in New Orleans.

I am sure there are more fantasy and Exotic Food in every state of America. May be I should do more research to fill up a lengthy blog post.

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