5 Superb Tree House Lodges in the World

by Jane Sophia
Tree house

If you ask me the question, “was your stay in a tree house comfortable”?, I would say 50/50 quickly adding that it was unique and comfort did not matter at all. Lodging up in a tree house in game parks, jungles and even on island beaches is not for those who travel with their kids. This is my opinion only as it would curb my freedom. Opinions differ-right?

Even though it is very eco-friendly, tree house lodging is not very widespread as it should be. It is not a common sight. Another reason for not being considered as a preferred method of the pricing. Though only a handful of people that operate tree house lodges in the world, they charge an exorbitant price for not as comfortable stay as a hotel room.

tree house

At the time of composing this blog post, I read that there are only three places in the entire United States where you can find tree house accommodation. There is the popular Ariau Amazon Towers in Brazil but in my opinion, I would not classify it under typical tree house which is more than a thatched roof hut placed on a tree inside a forest.

I have researched a bit on the Internet and have compiled a list of tree house lodges that are called treesorts meaning tree+resort. I like this new invention.

My first choice would the Out’n’About Treehouse in Cave Junction, Oregon

I won’t mind spending about $130+ for a night stay in any one of the rustic looking tree lodges. Travelers with a large family of four and above can opt to rent a tree bungalow with a porch. OMG! That would be romantic.

Cave Junction might make you visualize something different but it is actually a city in Josephine County, Oregon in the U.S. It ranked #1 in the bed and breakfast lodging category.

In one website someone who had stayed in one of the tree houses has described it as, Tree-ific and tree-mendous



The genius and intelligent investor cum builder of these tree lodges in Cave Junction is Michael Garnier. His unique concept is almost an instant hit among the adventure travelers who climb up to the lodge atop a tree by a ladder or a spiral staircase. The tree houses are interconnected through a catwalk and some of the lodges are placed about 40 feet from the ground and the average size of a tree lodge is 375 Sq.Ft.


If you are looking to book your tree house lodge in Cave Junction, here are the contact details.

3305 Dick George Rd
Cave Junction, Oregon, OR 97523

Phone: +1 541-592-4751


Bankok Tree house

 Bangkok Tree House-my second-ranked tree house accommodation.

I was directed to their website located and when I landed on it, I was instantly impressed with the location of a tree house where a jungle stream flows beneath. How lovely!

If I get a chance to go to Bangkok ever, I would rent the one and only View Room that has neither a roof nor a wall.

I believe there are 12 rooms in the resort and the cost per night is $125

Floating Bed.

Instead of staying in a wooden cage atop a tree, how about renting a bed on the water called aptly the River Nest?

There other types of accommodations:

  • Tree Top Nest that can accommodate just two people
  • Bee Hive where 3 can stay
  • Family Nest has two beds and each can take in two.


The rooms face the river Chao Phraya.


It seems the operators have their own farm from where the guests are served pure organic Thai food and International cuisine. The menu changes daily as per the seasonal availability of fruits and vegetables. The daily new menu style is catching up fast with the rest of the world.

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

There are seven types of rooms, each with a different name and size also varies. The tree houses here are not all wood but a generous supply glass walls. The room called ‘Cabin’ looks scary as if hanging high up with the support of two trees side by side. The view from the tree rooms is fantastic facing the Lule River valley. All the treetop lodges architecturally designed and thus I think the prices are too steep and beyond everybody’s budget.

This place offer number outdoor activities offered. You need not spend all day in a wood and glass capsule high up from the ground.

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

The various outdoor activities are:

  • Zip Lining
  • Moose Safari
  • Water Rafting
  • Hiking on a mountain bike
  • Kayaking in the Lule River
  • Elk sighting
  • Fishing

And many more.

I am of the opinion that the promoters have well thought of arranging these fun games and sports.

Ice Dining

I think this could be really exciting, dining out sitting on the reindeer skin on ice, watching Northern Lights during the months of December to April. The guests transported to the site through a snowmobile taking 10 minutes. It is a 3-course dinner buddy with wine and beer. I wonder who will drink beer in that weather.

tree house

Kingston tree house

 Lion Sands tree house resort, Kruger National Park, South Africa

The website is incomplete and I could not gather even the exact location but I am pretty impressed with the images of wooden accommodation there. There are 4 types of tree houses. This is located in a real jungle where the lion roar is heard all through the night and giving them company is the African wild dogs.

I think the Lion Sands tree house resort is not for all but maybe a wildlife photographer would appreciate it very much.

 Nothofagus Hotel & Spa, Neltume, Chile

I think if people who are looking for tree house bungalows would not look further if they see the images of them here. The circularly shaped treetop resorts look different and unique. Moreover, the likelihood of getting your tree accommodation is bright because there are 55 rooms! The price is starting from $315 per night. I must say it is expensive.

tree house

Huilo Huilo

Even at the opening paragraph of this blog post, I stated that these tree house lodges are unreasonably expensive. For $315 per night, I am sure a 5-star hotel accommodation is possible.

You would be amazed at the size of the room windows that rise from the floor to the ceiling. When you step on to the balcony, you can see the Patagonian Andes and Mocho Choshuenco Volcano.

In addition to a heated swimming pool, you can dine in any of the two restaurants.

When I read their website content, I was impressed with it.

Here is a sample quote:

“…in the middle of the Temperate Humid Forest, a tree spreads its branches towards the sky and emerges Nothofagus, wonderful building made of noble materials where you will experience sensations, shapes, textures, and sounds…. Nothofagus is the true heart of the architectural complex of Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve…”

They offer 4 types of accommodations that are:

  • Standard
  • Higher
  • Suite room
  • Luxury suit

Similarly, there are three types of freebies depending upon the price of the accommodation

  • Free Breakfast
  • Free breakfast and either lunch or dinner
  • All boarding free plus 20 guided tours of the forest and mountains


When I read the activities that are included in the free guided tour, I noted several ‘first-times’. They are:

  • visiting a museum of volcanoes
  • Petermann artisan brewery (taste the freshest of the beer)
  • Lawenko Spa
  • Horse Riding
  • Hiking on a forest trail in the mountain
  • A thermal bath in the hot springs that are resulting from a dormant volcano
  • Cable car ride
  • Children’s engagements area called ‘Magic Corner.
  • River rafting in Fuy River


There are more to the above list folks. Overall, the Nothofagus Hotel & Spa, Neltume, Chile

It seems to be the best option of 5 tree house lodges mentioned in this blog post.

Here are some more tree house staying options that you may be interested in exploring apart from the above five best choices in my opinion.

 Châteaux Dans Les Arbres, Nojals-et-Clotte, France

TREEHOUSE POINT, Issaquah, Washington (the access to the rooms is exciting)

 Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Green Village Bali  (Located in a really thick jungle, makes an ideal stay in the woods)

Finca Bellavista, Golfito, Costa Rica (offers typical treetop rooms)

It must be a real fun staying overnight in a tree house listening to the sounds jungle but I won’t stay more than a day. I would simply run to sink myself in a super soft bed in a star hotel.

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