4 Less Visited Beach Town in U.S.Probably You Do Not Know

by Jane Sophia

Beach town is not my all-time favorite because I grew up in one such town, only it was a very big city. I had had enough of salty breeze, the smell of sea creatures and lots of beach sand in my home garden. However, I like to visit coastal towns that are less inhabited and sport only a small area of the beach. I like to see the ocean water lapping at the sides of the road in USA.

I have read about some very isolated beach towns in Ireland where the fishes and crabs beg to be caught and where an abandoned lighthouse has become home to giant spiders. I like to visit such beach towns.

Small beach town residents love to be friendly with visitors because they rarely see strangers. However small it may be, these little-known coastal dwellings invariably have a pub where only beer is served accompanied by roasted lobster and crabs.

Here are the best 4 less populated and least visited coastal towns in America that I like to visit.

Less Visited Beach Town: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

beach town

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, may not fall into my idea of beach town because it is too well known and can be crowded at times. Nevertheless, I have heard so much about its beauty that it is on the top of my personal list of beach town.

It is a fairly big beach that stretches for 60+ miles and the inhabitants number only 31K. The South Carolina beach is attracting about 15 million tourists a year. Generally, beach towns have no such thing as a season. They welcome visitors throughout the year and the sun always welcomes them.

I would classify the Myrtle Beach as a quintessential tourist spot.

Less Visited Beach Town: Bandon, Oregon.

Beach town 2

An Irish poet called George Bennet who hails from a town called Bandon in Ireland named this place when he arrived here in the year 1873. Bandon is situated on the shores of the Coquille River.

The local Government is very friendly to you and to your pet dogs (but on leash only strictly) and welcome the visitors with promise of fishing all through the year and other activities that include golf, and hiking.

The staying options are wide such as:

  • Hotels,
  • Beachside Cottages
  • Campsites
  • Vacation rentals
  • Golf resort
  • Coquille riverside houses

Less Visited Beach Town: Cayucos, California.

Beach town 3

Cayucos beach town looks very rural and is situated on the coast of San Luis Obispo County, California. The 100 feet high sand dunes and hiking trails bordering tall eucalyptus trees and of course the locally made ale drink are the favorites of the tourist who love thinly crowded beach towns.

 Less Visited Beach Town: Sequim, Washington

Beach Town 4

Now, here is another coastal village that I like to visit. How, just a population of only 6000 + people can spoil such a beautiful and sunny town. On the Internet, someone has described the town beautifully. It is a place where lavender is cultivated in a large scale. In fact, it is called as the ‘Lavender Capital of North America’. The beach is unique because of the presence of a “blue hole” created by the tidal water. The Olympic Mountains form a spectacular backdrop to the lavender farms.

Dungeness River welcomes visitors with a tempting hiking trail. Other places of interest in Sequim are:

  • Seven Cedars Resort
  • Olympic National Park
  • Club Seven
  • Hah rainforest
  • Casino

It is also the land of berries that include:

  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries

Ah, there is a lighthouse too but it is still in operation since 1857.

Traveling to beach town is a unique experience mainly because the tourists care less for their dress and appearance and enjoy the coastal countryside without any inhibitions.


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