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Hi Friends,

I am Barry Allen (Jane Sophia later joined in our team) a freelance writer, blogger and traveler. I have great passion for traveling; hence, I gave up my full time job in the year 2009. I am a very enthusiastic social person. I have passion for meeting people of different land.

Technology, Social Media, and Travel are my passion. To follow the path of my passion; I have started a self-made unique traveling project and strictly adhere to it. And I am mixing my home life and travel all together in a fascinating way.

Mix up travel and home life as I already told– with trips ranging from weekends in the UK and Europe to more far-flung exotic trips to the unknown destinations. During initial phase, I was a budget traveler; I have shared my dorms, traveled in overnight buses, and had my meals at the roadside vendors. Still I travel on budget at times. Now my traveling experience comes with a touch of luxury and more comfort.

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Welcome to my great travel blog, here I share all my entertaining travel folk, my traveling experience and knowledge with useful travel tips with my readers and followers. This is the place where I show you how to travel around the world and gain knowledge over possessions and open your mind for new avenues and possibilities.

From My travel experience, I have learned many things; the first and foremost one is doing see the world from someone else’s perspective. I have learned that the world is not as dangerous as others described. Traveling does not have to be very expensive.

Adventure travel is not just participating in tough extreme activities; it is only coming out of your safe comfort zone and mingling with the peoples of the native lands. From that, only you will understand how valuable the adventure travel is.