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A Guide to Campervans in India- Feelhome Motorhome

by Jane Sophia

Please read below all about campervans in India such as:

  • Can a standard sized van be converted into a campervan
  • How much space you need exactly in a campervan
  • How much it will cost to convert your SUV or MUV into a motorhome (campervan)
  • Advantages of maintaining a smaller caravan (campervan) over a huge trailer-motorhome
  • Which Indian vehicles are ideal for modifying into a campervans in India.

The idea of traveling with another person, preferably the spouse, in a campervan in India is catching up albeit slowly.

This type of going to places in campervan suits true travelers who have neither fixed destination nor an itinerary to adhere to; such travelers like to see whatever they like on the road, stop their campervans at their whims.

They are the real vagabonds but with fully stuffed wallets. Sightseeing is not their ulterior motive but just to go on and on, meeting different people on their way, eating the food they like, cook their own food at times (depending on the size of their campervan) and park their motorhome at scenic places that include lakesides and beachfront.

How to design your campervans in India?

Oh, I am not giving any ideas of interior decoration of your campervan but just passing on some outline of what exactly you need in your campervans so that it ends up cost-effective and affordable.

Yes, your first priority is a bed that’s just cozy enough to accommodate one person.

You need a comfortable sofa with armrest. If it is a recliner, it can serve as a sort of sleeping couch for your companion.

Apart from that, you don’t need any furniture in your motorhome. Even if you have a bigger vehicle, this is all you actually need.

Next is the space to keep your luggage. If your bed is slightly raised, you can keep the luggage underneath it. A brilliant space saving idea-right?

You certainly need a mini fridge just to store chilled water bottles and a few beer cans. Apart from this, you don’t need anything from your fridge.

Keeping in view of these basic requirements, you can customize your SUV cheaply.

Which car of yours is amenable for modification into a campervans?

My research on the topic of choosing the right vehicle in India that is good for transforming into a campervan led me to a conversation in Quora. Based on what I read there, I give below my views.

I would say any MUV is suitable to customize into a campervans in India. For example, Innova that is slightly taller than its counterparts is good for the conversion.

Campervans in India matrix

Tata Venture is perfect to modify into a motorhome because of its length. You can comfortably place a six feet bed in it.

I once happened to travel in a campervan. It was a Tata Safari convert. The motorhome looked robust and just perfect.

If you want a bigger campervan that accommodates a family of four, then, Temp Traveler or Swaraj Mazda is the ideal vehicle in India for campervans customization.

Tempo Traveler is a van with 12 seats. See its interior below:

Campervans in India pinnacle Speciality Vehicles

I would say Tempo Traveler makes the best campervans in India. It is not so big that you see the movie making companies use for the benefit of film stars to rest in between the shoots.

Cost of converting car or van into a campervans in India:

After much studying, I found out that Rs.10 lakh would be more than sufficient to convert a tempo travelers into a motorhome. SUVs and MUVs require about 7 lakhs for the modification.

Moreover, a mini campervan is easily maneuverable and can take you through narrow roads and remote places. In addition, finding a parking space for your MUVs in India is easy.

Other cars in India that can be converted into mini campervans are:

  • Force One
  • Suzuki MUX
  • Mahindra XUV
  • Mahindra Xylo

Are there any readymade campervans in India? If not, who builds a good custom designed mini or midsize campervans in India?

I stumbled upon a few car customizations and design-builders in India who can listen to your needs and convert your vehicle into a campervans in India.

  • Josh Design is a Kerala based company who is offering to re-build your car/van into a motorhome. I think Kerala based companies that offer vehicle customization are good because they are expert in building houseboats with all the comforts including an upper-level observation lounge.
  • Kalapuraparambil-another Kerala based vehicle transformation company that seems to be a dependable source for your campervan needs.
  • Pinnacle Vehicles, a Pune based vehicle custom designers is another source to contact for your motorhome needs.motor home
  • JCBL is a leading player in building big motorhomes, luxury buses, and ambulances etc.

Since the process of customizing your car or van into a campervan and also time-consuming, it is advisable to rent a motorhome in India or anywhere in the world for that matter.

If the campervan companies assure you of on-road emergency assistance and full insurance coverage, then, hiring a caravan is the best deal.

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