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Astonishingly Colorful Rock Formations around the World

by Jane Sophia
Colorful Rock Formations around the World

Among the numerous natural wonders in the world, astonishingly colorful rock formations around the World need special mention because, typically, they are millions of years old.

For example, the Grand Canyon is said to be of 70 million years of age.

If the canyons such as the Grand Canyon that comprise plain rocks, attract thousands of tourists from all over the world, what would be your reaction, if I tell you about ancient rocky hills that wear incredible colors?

You would simply stand astonished. In addition, you would also very much like to touch the rocks as if to feel the colors-right?

Astonishingly Colorful Rock Formations around the World

Let us begin our journey of extraordinary, colorful land forms around the world. They are all breathtaking natural wonders.

  1. Bentonite Hills, Utah

Your destination should be Hanksville, Utah, the United States. Before you plan a long drive to Hanksville, do a bit of research about, “Capitol Reef National Park”.

When you do that, you will see a photo of it that I reproduced below.

Capitol Reef National Park

Man, tell me honestly; aren’t you stupefied?

Isn’t it one of the ultimate creations of nature?

I could detect the following colors:

  • Purple
  • Red
  • Maroon
  • Orange

I think the colors change or simply merge into other colors at different times of the day.

Surprisingly, what you saw are clay blocks that are hardened over the years. It also contains volcanic ash. You can’t hike the mounatin.

As you drive towards your destination, the landscape will put you off. It is a pore desert with no greenery. You won’t find human traffic on foot. There won’t be any shops on the way.

Desolate is the right word to describe the scene.

Only a handful of hotels and a RV park serve the visitors. Yes, there is a restaurant too.

There is no way you can think of a day trip to see the Rainbow Hills in Southern Utah, as the nearest large city is Salt Lake, and it is 320 km north of our landmark.

Other places of interest nearby:

  • Factory Butte

Factory Butte

Butte points to a steep rock with a flat roof. Buttes are rare in the world. So, just grab this opportunity when you are in Hanksville.

Factory Butte is located just 20 km from Bentonite Hills that are also known as “Rainbow Hills”, which is more appropriate and suggestive.

  • Cathedral Valley

It’s another stunning natural wonder that is part of the Capitol Reef National Park. This is a nearby attraction to Rainbow Hills.

  • Capital Gorge also an added attraction.
  • Moonscape Overlook

Probably, Neil Armstrong could vouch for the assumption that this landscape resembled the moon’s surface. Sadly, he is no more.

It is 25 km from Hanksville. Moonscape Overlook should not be missed because, after all, you are on a mission to see some natural wonders of the world.

Here is a video of Moonscape Overlook.

It is recommended to see the place during the sunrise.

  1. Rainbow Mountains, Peru

Whenever and wherever, you see several colors on a single surface, it is usually related to the colors of Rainbow.

Rainbow Mountains, Peru

Aren’t you taken aback at the vast expanse and so many rare colors on it?

This is Peru, South America. Surely, it is a long, long way from the rainbow hills of North America.

The official and geographical name of the colorful surface is “Vinicunca”.

The mountain of colors is what the Vinicunca interprets. It is part of the mighty Andes Mountain range. The summit of the colorful rock formations is at a dizzying 17,000 feet+.

How to reach Vinicunca?

From a city called Cusco, you need to rent a cab and drive two hours to go near the breathtaking Rainbow Hills.

In addition, a 5 km trek is required.

The colors on the mountain’s outer walls are due to the deposits of various minerals.

The vivid appearance is best viewed during the month of August only, when the rain takes leave. Sunlight is very important for the mountain to wear the multicoloured drape.

I am sure this sight in Peru is one of the natural wonders of the world.

  1. Rainbow Mountain, Colorado

Here is an exact replica of the rainbow mountain, Peru.

The red, brown, purple, orange, yellow, pink are all iron oxide. The basic color of iron oxide is rust color.

When different natural colors are arranged one below one, the scene appears surreal.

I think the vibrant colors are clearly visible, only when seen from a distance.

This rainbow mountain with terrific colors is also called, “Vinicunca”. It’s a Peruvian word.

Also called Red Mountain, it is part of the San Juan Mountains. It is a set of three peaks in the Colorado Rockies.

To reach the rainbow mountain in Colorado, you can start from Denver, the capital of Colorado state in the U.S.

You reach Estes Park city, about 100 km away, south. This is the gateway to Ouray, another small town at 350 km away. From Ouray, the Red Mountain is just 10 km.

  1. Zhangye National Geopark, China

Colorful Rock Formations China

The popularity of these breathtakingly colorful rock formations are now UNESCO Global Geopark.

It’s a global natural wonder and is part of e Qillon Mountains. Zhangye City has an airport and is serviced by domestic flights in China.

In roughly 3 hours, you can fly to Zhangye from Beijing.

Seven coloured rock mauritius

Look at the stunning seven color rock formations here in Mauritius

These are the 5 places in the world, where you can see extraordinary colorful landforms.

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