Top 6 African Safari Tour Operators

by Jane Sophia
Top 6 African Safari Tour Operators

Our main purpose in going to Africa is to witness the wildlife during a safari. We can either charter a separate jeep with a dedicated guide to undertaking an African Safari or we can join a group of tourists taken in a larger vehicle and venture into the game park by the African Safari tour operators.

It is essential that we plan well even before booking our cheapest flight to South Africa or other African safari destinations. We should not land in any African city without booking our safari seats in advance.

If you search the web, you will find numerous African Safari tour operators . Visit each of their website or Facebook page, see what are all they offer such as how many hours each day you are taken on a safari, how long is the duration of individual sessions, and what animals that we can expect to see, etc.

Some routes in the game park may focus on finding the elephant herds, while some safaris would promise you to show the big cats.

There are dedicated safaris for hippos or wild bison and the graceful giraffe.

Usually, the safari starts from the hotel or game park wooden cabin in which you are staying. It is better to choose the latter in order to save precious time. Additionally, you are like to get a surprise visitor from the forest!

Top 6 African Safari Tour Operators:

Here are a few highly recommended African Safari tour operators. They have the experience and they can fulfill their promise.

  1. Thomson Safari

The biggest advantage of choosing Thomson safari is they give you accommodation and provide food.

Moreover, they help in buying safari gear though you don’t require much. Maybe you can find an exceptional video camera in a safari store. What else do you need in an African safari?

Next, they have a range of safari vehicles with enough safety measures.


The majority of the tourists in an African safari would insist on safety first. They prefer vehicles with glass windows.

A few categories of tourists are adventurous and they will choose an open jeep that offers a 360-degree view of the game park.

This large jeep can accommodate up to 8 people. Do you know they even have a ‘snorkeling jeep’?

All their safari vehicles have much comfort that is needed for long hours on the field.

Which game park the Thomson Safari takes you to?

The much-celebrated and highly-visited Serengeti in Tanzania is where you will go on your first African safari.

Tanzania and Kenya are the top destinations for African safari.

Plan your much-awaited African safari by visiting their website, one of the highly experienced African Safari tour operators.

  1. Gamewatchers Safaris

Among various African countries, Kenya is known for spotting forest animals in Africa. It is difficult to rate which African country is the best wildlife watching-Kenya or Tanzania.

The Gamewatchers Safari is one of the Kenya-based African Safari tour operators.

They have tied up with numerous forest tents providers where they can get you lodged safely and provide authentic African forest cuisine. This is very different from any African city cuisine.

In addition, they have their own campgrounds and offer accommodation in Porini Safari Camps.

Porini camp

Porini Safari Camp, Masai Mara

These camps are located in different game-watching locations across Kenya. If you want, they can also arrange a safari in Tanzania also.

This African Safari operator offers full assistance as soon as you land at Nairobi airport.

Gamewatchers Safari has been providing African safari for the last thirty years. Their service has received a few awards and certificates that will make you rely on them.

Gamewatchers Safaris is rated as the leading African safari operator in Kenya.

Do a Google on “Porini safari Camps’ and you will get a truckload (jeep load) of relevant information on your Kenyan Safari.

For bookings, visit their website.

  1. Wild Wind Safaris

Namibia in Africa s another fantastic destination for African safaris. I know people even ignore Serengeti and Masai mara and go to Namibia.

Namibia is a southwestern African country, located close to South Africa. Namibia faces the Atlantic Ocean.

Here is the map that shows the exact location of Namibia.

There are ten national parks in this African country. Elephants and zebras are found in large numbers in Namibian national parks.

Therefore, you can be sure of finding more than a few African Safari tour operators in Namibia.

Wild Wind Safaris offer wildlife watching tours not only in Namibia but also in the neighboring African countries Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Isn’t it convenient? In three days you can visit three African countries! Some of their African safaris include the Namibian Desert Tour and Kalahari’s top attractions.

their website is full of details on each and every safari the tour operator offers. Just to make you quickly decide in favor of Namibia, I give below some more names of the safaris by Wild Wind Safaris.

  • Best of Namibia

This lengthy tour is only for those who have retired from life and those who are professional wildlife photographers. The vest of Namibia safari’s duration is a whopping 22 days, buddy! In this tour, you can even see the much-talked-about wildlife-watching destination in Africa-the Kalahari Desert.

Sesriem Canyon and Etosha National Park are some of the added attractions.

Generally, an African safari includes a detailed interactive session with the local African tribe. The Wild Wind Safaris offer a 5-day tour in the Himba Tribe Region.

Being close to Zimbabwe, you are taken to the world’s most beautiful Victoria Falls. The falls’ width measures over 5500 feet! This region on Zimbabwe and Zambia border is a wonderful and perennial habitat for some of the truly exotic African birds and reptiles.

If you want an alternative choice of African Safari tour operators in the Namibia and Zimbabwe region, you can look up “Red Dune Safaris”, and Tommy’s Tours and safaris.

I am sure they will have their portals.

  1. Bamboo Ecotours

What is the fun of going on an African Safari if you don’t see any of the apes such as Gorilla and Chimpanzee?

To see them at close quarters, you must go to Congo, a large Central African nation that is one of the best destinations to spot African wild animals.

Bamboo Ecotours is based in Uganda. Uganda and Congo are neighbors in Central Africa. This region is the best to watch the apes that need dense tropical rainforest with thick flora to survive.

Bamboo Ecotours offers a 4-day Safari in Congo and Uganda. The Chimpanzee trail is located in Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Kalinzu forest reserve.

This 4-day safari also takes you through Bwindi National Park to watch the Gorillas’ slow movements.

To book your first encounter with an African ape in its own den.

This particular wildlife tour is called Gorilla Trekking. An apt name-eh?

I think watching the apes give you more pleasure than spotting the African elephants and a herd of ferocious Bison.

Where to watch Chimpanzee in Africa?

A Congo-based safari operator offers a tour to spot the Chimpanzees. They are one of the four great apes in the world.

Go to their website and inquire about their Chimpanzee Trekking.

I think the Chimps are also found in the forests of Uganda and Rwanda in Central Africa. Two parks that are famous for Gorilla trekking are Virunga National Park and Kahuzi-Biega National Park. Both these Gorilla dens are in Congo.

Ah, what a dense rainforest, the ideal habitat for finding Gorillas and the African avifauna.

  1. Baird watching tour operators in Congo

Congo is the top-rated destination for bird watching in entire Africa. Can you believe Congo is home to nearly 1200 species of birds?

It is probably because of the dense evergreen jungles in the large nation. You must remember reading Congo is also the land of Pygmys.

Kabira Uganda Safari is one of the birding safari operators in Congo. Reach them at Karaganda

The list of birds in Congo is too long even to select a few. If you are still curious about the birds of Congo, visit a dedicated Wikipedia page.

  1. Micato Safaris

If you are living in New York or nearby, you can rely on Micato safaris, a New York-based African safari operator in the U.S.

They offer exclusive safaris in and around several African nations including:

  • Mozambique
  • Rwanda
  • Namibia
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania

These are the best destinations for African Safaris. If an American company arranges an African safari, that will be very convenient to get all the in-depth details.

Their best tour is a two-week tour of Kenyan national parks and the tour is named the Hemingway Wing Safari.

Being an American company, they understand the luxuries and amenities that an American tourist would expect and they provide them.

Here, take a look at their villas in a game park.


It certainly looks luxurious and it would satisfy all American tourists.

Micato Safaris offers safari tours in numerous destinations. Visit their website and browse through and finalize your choice.

As you can see, there is no dearth of African safari tour operators. Depending on your choice of destination to watch wildlife, you can book your seat on a safari. My first and last choice for African Safaris is Congo.

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