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Walk across Eagle canyon Canada

by Jane Sophia
Walk across Eagle canyon Canada Ouimet Canyon

What you see above is the picture of Ouimet Canyon. Near this gorge is another canyon called ‘Eagle Canyon’.

How about walking across the canyon on a large suspension bridge?

Just like the ‘old Turkey Bustard’ you can have a bird’s eye view of the gorge that is not as large as you see in the movies.

The ground stares up at you from 150 feet below. The bridge’s length is 600 feet! Never in your life can you imagine walking across such a gorge.

When you have reached the other end of the canyon, you can walk up to its end.

Here is another dramatic view of the suspension bridge that is said to be the longest suspension bridge in Canada.

eagle canyon


Where is Ouimet Canyon?

You have to reach Dorion town, Thunder Bay district. It is somewhere in northwest Ontario.

Dorion town and Thunder Bay city are separated by 60 km only.

The nearest airport to reach Eagle Canyon is Thunder Bay international airport (YQT).

If you happen to live in Minneapolis, you can drive up to the canyon’s suspension bridge in about 5 hours. The distance to be covered is approximately 500 km.

When to go to Eagle Canyon?

Now! Between now and the middle of October, you can plan a trip to experience one of the most thrilling adventures in your life.

Any fee?

Yes, you have to pay $22 + taxes per head. The payment should be made in advance. I think it is not fair.

Call them at (807) 355-3064 to get any details that are missing from this blog post.

Watch a short video of walking on the suspended bridge across Eagle Canyon.

Added attractions.

You can enter the Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park. The flora is diverse and there are views from the park to see the canyon.

Things to do in Thunder Bay.

Thunder Bay city is your gateway to Eagle Canyon. You can come back from the walk on the suspension bridge in about 3 hours.

There are several attractions in Thunder Bay that you can visit in your free time.

  1. Go and see Kakabeka Falls


The waterfalls are located on the outskirts of Thunder Bay city. In 30 minutes, you can reach the waterfalls in your car.

Kaministiquia River is the feeder. You can see the point from where the water begins its fall by taking the boardwalk. You can find trails in and around the waterfalls.

  1. Hike up to the summit of Mount McKay.
  2. Enjoy the marina park in Thunder Bay

A weekend holiday from Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal can be planned to visit the canyons and Thunder Bay city attractions.


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