5 Ultra Luxury Adults Only Resorts in the Caribbean Islands

by Jane Sophia
Ultra Luxury Adults Only Resorts in the Caribbean Islands

Adults Only Resorts in the Caribbean or Couples only resorts in the Caribbean.

  • What is meant by adults only beach?
  • Why would anyone search for an adults only resort?
  • Who is looking for adults only hotels?

Foremost, erase your impression that ‘adults only’ resorts or beaches mean people can roam nude. No. That’s not the meaning.

Adults only beaches are not nudists only beaches.

‘Adults only’ means exactly that; only adults. I would say ‘couples only’ is a better word-right? Children are not allowed. It implies you get to enjoy a romantic atmosphere without interruption.

You can term them as ‘honeymoon destinations’.

Every couple would not be stared at because, each pair would mind their own business.

Got it?

Why only, adults only seaside resorts and why not a hill resort that is dedicated for adults only?

I asked my friend Google, and he had no answer to my question.

Well, let me tell you about several aduts only beach resorts in the Caribbean Islands.

Caribbean Islands are the most sought after islands for holidays or honeymoons because:

  • Assured sun shine almost throughout the year.
  • The Beaches are breathtakingly beautiful.
  • Some islands’ beaches wear white sand.
  • Availability of numerous water sports.
  • Great food and liquor
  • Tropical forests
  • Beautiful wildlife and marine lives.
  • Facility to visit uninhabited islands, and islets.
  • Royal treatment

5 Ultra Luxury Adults Only Resorts in the Caribbean Islands

  1. Cocobay Resort, Antigua

First, watch a video of this adults only beach in the Caribbean island of Antigua. I am willing to bet you would not wait to consult with your spouse and visit the resort’s website straight away to book your unscheduled weekend break.

Isn’t the island’s beach simply a sheer paradise on earth?

If you choose a pool side cottage (I am sure it will be the inevitable choice of the honeymooners), the blue pool will be attached to your cottage. In fact, the pool will be your porch.

To entice you, bathrobes are given free of cost. The beds will be of king-size.

While staying in Antigua, you can see all the beaches have white sand, a rarity anytime.

Do you know?

Antigua has as many as 365 beaches! It is no wonder that this island has the most number of adults only resorts and the majority of them offer, all-inclusive packages.

  1. Nonsuch Bay, Antigua

I admit I can’t resist sharing a promotional video clip of the Nonsuch Bay Resort, an ‘adults only’ resort on this Caribbean island.

If only those are real ( I have no doubt), the videographer has professionally captured all the stunning beauties of the island as well as the all-inclusive beach resort.

Visit their website to know what type of accommodations you can expect, and also what other facilities the resort provides to its guess.

  1. Barceló Bávaro Beach

Bávaro BeachAmong the Caribbean Islands, I read the Dominican Republic is the most beautiful island and also very expensive.

The Dominican Republic is a honeymooners’ haven. The Barceló Bávaro Beach is one of the sought after adults only resort on the island.

The Dominican Republic is a unique Caribbean Island. It is located on the Island of Hispaniola which is divided into two separate nations, namely, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The latter is a huge island comprising nearly a whopping 49,000 sq. km! That is a massive size, really!

The island’s north side faces the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, on its south.

Our adult’s only beach resort on this Caribbean Island of The Dominican Republic is located in Punta Cana, the most beautiful part of the island on its eastern side.

Actually, the Barceló Bávaro Beach resort faces a strait called Mona Passage. It connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Caribbean Sea.

I am sure, you will spend the most enjoyable and memorable holidays in your lifetime in this all-inclusive sea resort.

The food will instantly enslave you. You can spot the absolutely gorgeous Frigate Birds in large numbers.

It is clear that they too are in love with this Caribbean island and raise their family.

That red balloon is not always in blown up status. It will look like a sac normally. During courting, the male bird blows up to attract its mate.

  1. Sandals Emerald Bay Golf, Tennis and Spa All Inclusive Resort – Couples Only

It’s quite a long name to remember, and ask around before you try to book your flight tickets.

I searched for “couples only hotels in the Bahamas” and I came up with the above name.

Bahamas is the ‘darling’ of the Americans. I personally know a few couples who visit the Bahamas Islands, three times a year, including the rainy season.

Turner BeachLet me brief you about the location of Emerald Bay. It is one of the private islands of Exuma archipelago comprising a staggering 365 islands, and islets, and cays. Exuma is one of the districts of Bahamas.

Great Exuma Island is the largest of Exuma Islands. Our destination is part of Great Exuma.

Sandals Emerald Bay adults only resort in the Caribbean Islands is a private island resort and commands an enviable occupancy level.

The entire resort is enshrouded in a 500 acre tropical forest. The guests have access to a private beach that is nearly 2 km long.

Though the islands of Bahamas are surrounded only by the Atlantic Ocean, they are included in the West Indies islands.

One of the biggest attractions of this couples-only resort is the presence of as many as 11 international restaurants. This facility attracts gastronomes from all over the world.

To add to the eating attraction are the bars numbering 6 including a swim-up bar, which is a 5-star pampering.

The availability of a golf course within the resort is another alluring factor.

I would rate this beach resort in the Bahamas as the best on the east coast of the United States.

  1. Sugar Bay Resort, Barbados

Barbados Island is floating in the Caribbean Sea. This cricket-crazy West Indian island has some of the Caribbean region’s astonishing beach front hotels, and resort.

Sugar Bay is an adults-only resort and offers an all-inclusive package that we cannot resist.

It has some enticing photos of the resort’s facilities, and amenities.

I know Barbados is known for some exotic Afro-American cuisine that goes well with a glass of typical Caribbean white rum or chilled Dutch beer.

So, these ultra-luxurious couples-only resorts in the Caribbean are simply the best with no match.

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