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9 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2021

by Jane Sophia
Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

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Here is the list of 9 most beautiful places to visit in all of the best Caribbean Islands to visit.

The Caribbean means the best vacation destination for U.S. citizens. They frequent the 7000+ islands in the Caribbean Sea much more than their second home Hawaii.

Hawaii has to take second place as; after all, it comprises only 15 islands!

If you are not living in the U.S. you will have certainly no clue as to how to plan for a cheap holiday in the Caribbean and where all the most beautiful places are located in the Caribbean.

For that, you need some vital information that you must read well before you book your cheap flight tickets.

9 best Caribbean islands to visit

This blog article is intended to be your personal guide, a sort of ‘ready reckoner’ to take your family to best Caribbean islands to visit during summer vacation.

Important suggestion regarding your stay in any of the Caribbean Islands:

Try to stay in an over the water villa instead of getting lodged up in a hotel room.

If your accommodation is surrounded by the sea in all directions, what else can be a better place to stay in the Caribbean?

  1. The best Caribbean island to visit: Saint-Pierre, Martinique Island

See the picture of this beautiful place in the Caribbean’s Martinique Island.

Saint-Pierre, Martinique Caribbean Islands

Saint-Pierre, Martinique Island

Isn’t it beautiful? A typical sunny city in the Caribbean.

The white painted houses and hotels just on the seashore, the backdrop of a mountain with a thick forest cover, and the lovely navy blue water beg us to visit the island of Martinique, a French Overseas Territory in the Caribbean.

Saint-Pierre is the most important and vibrant city in Martinique Island. Its beauty lies in the many long white sand beaches that include Les Salines. It is the happening place in Martinique Island where time stands still for the Caribbean beach lovers.

Its fun and gaiety, vibrant nightlife gets its fond name “Paris of the Caribbean“.

  1. Best Caribbean Islands to Visit- White House, Montego Bay, Jamaica

White House is a resort village in Jamaica Island, Caribbean. As I told you before, you will find a lovely circle of villas on the seawater. Call them as over-water hut, suites, or bungalows. They are the perfect over-water suites built on the glorious Caribbean Sea.

Montego Bay, Caribbean Islands

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Not only are the accommodations to stay built on the water but also a bar and a church!

The beaches wear white sand. You will see the cool green hills surrounding the beach.

The entire village of White house maintained by a resort. It offers every imaginable facility and amenities that include excellent cuisine, swimming pools, beach games, and water sports.

Montego Bay is an important docking spot for reputed cruise ships that cruise the water of the Caribbean Sea.

White house in Jamaica is one of the best Caribbean islands to visit.

  1. El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico, Caribbean

Puerto Rico is one of the best Caribbean islands to visit. It is a beautiful island and its center of attraction is its El Yunque Rainforest.

El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico, Caribbean

El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico, Caribbean

The lush green Rainforest that is made wet with nearly 240 inches of rain annually. The entire 113 sq.km of Rainforest is located on the slopes of Sierra de Luquillo mountains.

Yes, with such a vast area of forest-covered mountains that don’t rise above 1500 feet, you can expect quite a number of walking trails.

Walking through a Rainforest located on small mountains is a terrific experience. You will be mesmerized by the sounds of a Rainforest that includes bird songs.

If you really want to see the Rainforest from well above the ground, there is a canopy walk wherein you will be walking at about 60 feet above the earth.

I read that from such a height, you can even see the Caribbean Sea. Imagine the sea view on one side and the trees below as you are standing high up.

If you are a Rainforest buff, El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico Island is your best choice. It is a beautiful place in the Caribbean beyond description.

  1. Best Caribbean Islands to Visit: Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas

There can’t be a dispute about Nassau’s claim to be one of the best Caribbean islands to visit. Nassau is the capital of Bahamas Island.

The Capital city, Nassau attracts large number of tourists, mainly from the United States, especially from the southern states of America.

Nassau is blessed with stunning sightseeing places laced with restaurants, shops, white sand beaches, and nearby smaller resort islands.

Some of the most popular places of interest in Nassau, Bahamas:

  • Cable Beach
  • Paradise Island (just 8 km away from Nassau)
  • Cruise-ship-friendly ports
  • Bay Street shopping

  • Straw Market to buy incredibly beautiful wooden items, jewel boxes, wall hangers, woven baskets and many more.
Straw market, Nassau

Straw Market, Nassau

The Straw Market is the best place to buy gifts and memorabilia when you go to Bahamas.

  • Dolphin watching in Blue Lagoon Island that is located a short ferry ride away from Nassau
  • Crystal Palace Casino
  • Parade of the flamingoes in Ardastra Gardens

  • Queen’s Staircase

Look, if you want an ideal island vacation with lazy and laidback times but still want a piece of fun and frolic in the Caribbeans, Nassau, the Bahamas is the ultimate choice.

What else to do in Nassau?

  • Do you enjoy a jolly ride in a Segway?
  • Would you like to sip a beer while lying in a beachfront hammock under a palm tree?
  • Do you snorkel in the Caribbean Sea?
  • Do you wish to use an inflatable float on a lagoon?

All these fun and adventure are at your side in Nassau, Bahamas.

  1. Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

What a breathtaking place! The water body shrouded in a Rainforest that permits the sun rays to filter through its children (trees and plants) is an ideal place near a waterfall-right?

In addition, you can go kayaking on the Dunn’s River. Feel like a real tourist on a Caribbean Island.

Dunn’s River Falls is the biggest tourist attraction in Jamaica Island. Blue Hole is another big attraction in Jamaica.

You will see most of the visitors to Dunn’s River Falls make a human chain while climbing up on the slippery rock to reach the top of the water cascade.

Now, do you think the addition of Dunn’s Waterfalls in the list of most of best Caribbean islands to visit, justified?

  1. Best Caribbean Islands to Visit: Gros Piton, Saint Lucia

Gros Piton, Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

Gros Piton, Saint Lucia

The images that you see are small mountains, volcanic in nature but there is no active gaping hole. Therefore, there is no worry while climbing the mountains rather easily (2600 feet). It is almost like walking.

But once you stand on the summit, the panoramic view of the sea below will blow your mind. It will be simply stunning.

Both the Pitons (Gros Piton and Petit Piton) connected by a ridge.

For wildlife lovers, the trekking can show some beautiful Caribbean birds and insects.

The Pitons are really best Caribbean islands to visit.

  1. The Bath, Virgin Gorda


And “The Bath” as it says is an incredibly beautiful place to take bath in the Caribbean Sea as safely as in an open swimming pool.

The naturally formed huge boulders thwart the waves so that you can safely enjoy a relaxing sea bath. In addition, if you put on a pair of snorkeling goggles, you can see beautiful marine creatures under the water.

The Bath found on the island of Virgin Gorda, part of the British Virgin Islands archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea.

You can swim inside a sea grotto and take a sunbath on Devil’s Bay, a beautiful beach.

Once you go there, you can feel the excitement of being part of a natural geographical phenomenon that was formed several million years ago. That wonderful feeling cannot be erased from your memory.

The Bath in Virgin Gorda is one of the best Caribbean islands to visit.

  1. Waitukubuli Trail, Dominica

Overall, Dominica Island in the Caribbean is not a big hit among island lovers of the United States. However, trekking lovers across the globe would simply fall in love the moment they view the video clip below.

The walking trail if completed would have consumed a full week! However, the length of the Waitukubuli Trail is 185 km long!

Moreover, The walk is through some exquisite Rainforest that is covered with lush flora and fauna, lakes, Caribbean villages, hidden waterfalls, and breathtaking views.

The entire 185 km of Waitukubuli Trail divided into 14 convenient segments.

What a best Caribbean islands to visit! For once, forget about beaches and fish; enjoy nature in its true color!

  1. Blue Hole, Jamaica

I think the video below speaks for itself about one of the best Caribbean islands to visit.

Look at the blue color! I can’t take my eyes off the Blue Hole. I feel like jumping straight into the center point of the circular pool.

The gentle waterfall is feeding the lovely pool that invites the visitors to take a plunge in it. In addition, The entire area cooled by the Rainforest and the waterfall.

In conclusion, I think the Blue Hole warrants an exclusive trip to the Caribbean.


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