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6 Incredible and Unique Beach in the World!

by Jane Sophia
Unique Beach Hot Water Beach

Unique Beach are not perennial but the beautiful attractions wherever they are. There is no ‘season’ to visit beaches. Seafronts during summer beckon sunbathers; monsoon time attracts romantic type nature lovers, and anyone can go to any beach during winter because of superb weather.

Apart from these season based visits, there are beaches that attract with their incredibility and uniqueness. They are the ones we all should visit for unforgettable and lifetime experience.

For example, wouldn’t you like to visit a Unique Beach for its green colored sand? Or, how about a beach where the sea water withdraws nearly 5 km during daytime only to come back again in the evening? Here are more interesting beaches to you. It is where you see hot water springing up from the sand.

There are several such unique beaches in the world that are must-visit holiday places in the world.

  • Green sand beach

Papakolea Unique Beach

What a natural beauty! I could not believe it; the sand of a beach is in green color!  Though there are some more green sand beaches in the world (there are four more apart from this green sand beach in Hawaii), the Mahana Beach that is featured in the above image is more popular just because it is in Hawaii’s Kaʻū district near the South Point.

Unique Beach Green sand beach

The cause of the green color is attributed to the presence of volcanoes in Hawaii islands. The volcanoes must contain olivine sand and that gets washed ashore.

Tourists to Hawaii should head to the Papakolea Beach (yes, it’s another name is Mahana Beach) near South Point, to take a selfie holding the green sand on their palm.

  • Unique Beach: Hot Water Beach

Did you notice the steam rising out of the small pit that was freshly dug? I also watched the hot water bubbling out of the beach that is located on Mercury Bay on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. If you ever go to New Zealand for a holiday, you are most likely to land in Auckland in North Island. Take time to go to the hot water beach that is 175 km away from Auckland.

You can rent a spade and dig your very own bathtub and that is filled with hot water in a few minutes without electricity! Natural hot water spa is made only during the low tide.  All the man-made hot water bathtubs are washed away during the high tide.

Unique Beach with Hot Water

These natural geysers in New Zealand are incredible natural wonders in the world. The thermal water from the Coromandel beaches is said to possess inexplicable health benefits.

Hordes of tourists flock to the site of natural hot springs (64 deg C hot) every day throughout the year.

Relaxing in your own natural hot water bathtub right on the sea shore and open to the sky during the rains can be the most memorable pleasure. This unique beach is worthy of visiting at least once in your lifetime.

  • Bowling Ball Beach

Bowling Ball Beach

How else can you call this beach? Those shining bald stones certainly appear like oversized bowling balls. How nature is blessing only a few places in the world with incredible attractions!

This bowling ball beach is right under your nose in California’s Mendocino County. It is part of Schooner Gulch State Beaches.

These bowling balls look-alike sandstones are visible only during low tide. They act like natural tide breakers.

This extraordinary geological phenomenon is in three other places in the world.

  • Unique Beach with Purple Sand, South California

We saw the green sand and we know there are several black sand beaches in the world. Moreover, numerous white sand beaches are there and a few pink sand beaches too.

Purple Sand Beach

However, purple color sand on  beaches? Yes, it exists in Pfeiffer Beaches, Big Sur, South California. The purple color is because of manganese present in the sand which is there because of the erosion of the garnet rocks bordering the beaches.

The purple color is more visible during the sunset.

  • Unique Beach at Chandipur: Receding beach,  Orissa, India

This mysterious beach in Balasore district, Orissa is also known as the ‘Hide & Seek Beach”. The sea water inexplicably receded back up to 5 km and you can actually watch this unique phenomenon. After the sea recedes, you can walk and run on the beach literally where there was sea water before. The water withdrawal process happens during the low tide. The sea comes back rushing in when the high tide occurs.

This fantastic natural wonder is probably only one in the world. What a vanishing act of the sea (Bay of Bengal)

To see this natural wonder, you need to travel either by train or by car to Balasore Railway Station located on the Bhuvaneshwar-Calcutta train route. The vanishing beach is 16 away from the railway station.

  • Unique Beach at Maldives: Bioluminescent Beach

You can’t visualize such  glowing beaches-right? Here, watch this short video clip below.

Strikingly beautiful-isn’t it? Of yes, you can obviously see the glow only in the night. The cause of this luminescence is too scientific to comprehend. Just know that it is caused by bioluminescent plankton whatever that means. It happens only in warm coastal waters. I am sure it is enough to know to enjoy walking on the wet and glowing sand with bare feet.

Bioluminescent Beach, Maldives

Wei Hung He


The bioluminescence can be seen in more than 10 islands that belong to the Maldives archipelago. To name a few islands where the beaches glow in lovely blue are:

  • Vilamendhoo
  • Athuruga
  • Komandoo
  • Mirihi

Other places where you can see bioluminescent beaches are:

  • Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica
  • Halong Bay in Vietnam

I hope you like the information provided in this blog post.

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