5 Currently Active Volcanoes Apart From Kilauea Volcano That You Can Climb

by Jane Sophia
Kilauea volcano

The entire world’s concern now is focused on Kilauea volcano that is turning out to be more aggressive than expected. You must be aware of what’s going on in Hawaii’s main island (The Big Island), the largest of the 8 islands of Hawaii. It is in Hawaii’s southern part is where the red-hot Kilauea volcano is wreaking havoc by spewing molten lava, swallowing everything living and non-living on its path and turning them into ash.

Do you want to see the live eruption of Kilauea? Watch it below.

Watching the volcanoes live eruption safely in the computer would not make you feel the real impact of being in volcanoes path where everything on its way is burnt to ash mercilessly.

Scientists and geologists fear at the extent of damage the Kilauea can cause and they also said they cannot predict when the current eruption will cease. They said it might even take years! Oh, very scary!

Do you know there are 5 other volcanoes that are currently active? Those active volcanoes are located in various parts of the world.

We shall take a brief virtual tour of 5 active volcanoes as on today. If you dare, you can even actually climb on the mountain of an active volcano and peep into the gaping crater that shows you the red and fiery molten lava.

3 different forms of a volcano.

An active volcano is different from erupting volcano which is said to be spewing fire and rock.

Volcanoes that are dormant are no longer active and it means it’s once active crater now just stares back at you without any life in it.

One can climb up on both the dormant and active volcanoes. Adventure seekers, geologists, research students, and documentary producers dare to go up on such volcanoes. To help them, there are pre-trodden trails to safely walk.

 Mt. Etna volcano, Italy

The most famous, rather notorious active volcano in the world is the Mount Etna and it is located on the outskirts of Catalina city, Sicily Island, Italy. The crater is situated at an elevation of over 10,500 feet. Mount Etna is the most frequently erupting volcano the first of which was recorded as early as 425 B.C.!

A cable car takes you from Rifugio Sapienza and drops you off somewhere on Mount Etna. You can hike along with others as a group (advisable) on any of the established trails.

Mt. Aso Volcano, Japan

Mt. Aso Volcano, Japan

Located 5200 feet above the earth, Mount Aso is supposed to be the largest volcano in Japan and in the world. By largest, I mean its circumference is a whopping 128 km! Yeah, it is large indeed!

Tourists who go to the Aso Kujū National Park in Kyushu island of Japan can plan a climb up on the volcanic mountain Aso.

How to reach Mt.Aso volcano?

First, you must go to JR Aso Railway Station in Kumamoto and get down at Asosan Nishi Ropeway Station. From there you can either walk for 30 minutes to the Nakadake crater, one of the five active craters of Mt.Aso volcano, Japan. A motorable path also exists that takes near the crater.

Pacaya volcano, Guatemala

Pacaya Volcano - Guatemala

Whoops! What a sight of molten lava! The Pacaya Volcanoes in Guatemala first erupted some 23k years ago. It was last seen spewing lava in June 2015. That was after 50 years of its active stage. The peak of the Pacaya volcano is at a height of 8300 feet.

Guatemala is a Central American country and its capital is also called Guatemala. It is located to the south of Mexico and is very near to the Caribbean nation, Antigua.

Pacaya is an active one and is hikeable but with a good guide only. Antigua based hiking clubs are organizing Pacaya volcano hike.

Mount Mayon – Philippines

Mount Mayon - Philippines

The active crater of the Mayon volcano is located at a height of over 8000 feet! It frequently erupts and the latest eruption was in January 2018. Do any of us know? Obviously not; the majority of us are not aware of the eruption of this Asian volcano.

The Philippines is a large archipelago comprising of 7107 islands and one of them is called Luzon. Mayon volcanoes is located on Luzon island.

To trek on the Mayan volcanic mountain, you have to reach Legaspi city, the capital of Albay Province, Philippines. There are two trails to the climb Mount Mayan. Both are said to be tough to hike but veterans may find the going easy.

During eruption times, the volcano can be ferocious, spewing lava up 600 meters from the depth of the crater.

Manila, the capital of Philippines is too far away from Luzon. It is some 330 km distance. Buses from Manila takes you to Luzon in about 4 hours. That’s very fast really to cover a distance of 330 km!

Mt. St. Helens, Washington, US

Mt. St. Helens

Ah, an active volcano right inside North America, Washington state to be exact. It is not Washington DC, buddy. Washington is a state that is located near the Canadian border.

The active volcanoes located in Mount St. Helens can be reached by driving either from Seattle or Portland, Oregon state.

If you choose to travel from Seattle, you have to travel 154 km but the shorter route is from Portland that is only 128 km away.

Mt. St. Helens volcanoes is probably very safe to climb as the volcano erupted last 10 years ago in 2008. To peer down at the crater of the volcano, you must climb nearly 8300 feet.

To facilitate your mountain hike, there are several trails that are lined with beautiful waterfalls, calm lakes, and deep canyons. Some trails are even wheelchair-friendly.

Some more active volcanoes at present are:

  • Mount Ngauruhoe, New Zealand
  • Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua
  • Mount Rinjani, Lombok Island, Indonesia
  • Mount Vesuvius, Naples, Italy

I am sure there are hiking clubs that arrange a tour of these active volcanoes. My long time wish is to go to Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy. It’s my first love.


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It is strange is it not, that we are building our castle on molten lava? Earth surface has cooled down, but inner core is still bubbling. Sometime it erupts. The day everything will cool down, life will be extinct.


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