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More triangle like Bermuda [Updated]

by Jane Sophia
Bermuda Triangle

The ‘Bermuda Triangle’.-who has not heard about it? It is probably the number one ‘unsolved mystery’ in the world.

There are several claims and explanations about what happens in Bermuda triangle but that did not encourage people to go over it. Bermuda Triangle is one of the greatest mysteries of the world; there are other such disastrous triangles, mountains, and on even surfaces also that majority of us have not heard about them.

More triangle like Bermuda

Shall we visit some of those creepy places in the earth?

Superstition Mountains is interesting for the oddities lovers. I am one of them. I just cannot suppress my curiosity to know what’s on the other side that is hidden from my view.

Phoenix, Arizona is where the Superstition Mountains are located.  When you read the story below, some of those western cowboy movies would come to your mind.

Here is the story. Read it with a pinch of salt, please.

mystery triangle

Sometimes in the early 1800s a man named Jacob Waltz was said to have discovered a goldmine in the above named mountains though it is only legend as he never came forward publicly to declare his discovery but to one person just before he died. The secret of the location of the gold mine remains a secret till today. Yes, the gold was never found in spite of many digging expeditions.

The superstition is the belief that the spirits of people who’ve lost their lives in search of the gold still haunt the mountains.

Another rumor is about a mysterious creature is said to guard the gold and its name is Tuar-Tums. Do you now recall the Apaches of the Mackenna’s Gold? They are real and they believe that the Superstitious Mountain range is the entrance to hell.

Northern lights

South Atlantic Anomaly in the Atlantic Triangle

You might have heard about mysterious breakdowns of aircrafts and satellites in space over the area of Brazil. It is termed as the Bermuda Triangle in the space which was later called as South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA). ‘Anomaly’ means something peculiar, abnormal and perplexing.

The scientific explanation of this inexplicable happening is as follows.

Over the area called SAA, a radiation passes through and it is called Earth’s inner Van Allen radiation belt and it creates a sort of barrier for outer space electrons to reach the earth. It is what NASA says folks! I am not a scientific reporter.

There are sightings of ‘shooting stars’ by the astronauts when they pass through the SAA. Since the space scientists are not sure about this cosmic phenomenon, rumors point to the work of ALIENS!

Bermuda Triangle

The Devil’s Sea

The Devil’s Sea has three other names though I don’t know who gave those names or why. They are ‘The Dragon’s Triangle’, ‘The Formosa Triangle’ and ‘The Pacific Bermuda Triangle’.

If you read the mysteries surround the Devil’s Sea dragon triangle, it makes you sweat with unknown fear. While the Bermuda Triangle is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Devil’s Sea is in the Pacific near Japan.

What happens in Devil’s Sea?

  • Mysterious disappearances
  • Strange and inexplicable lights and objects
  • Magnetic anomalies

The Japanese being brave sent out a team in 1952 to find out the mysteries surrounding the Devil’s Sea but sadly, none of the team (approximately 30 people) ever returned.

Even the legendary Kublai Khan lost 40 000 men while crossing the Devil’s Sea region on his attempted invasion of Japan.

The various theories about the Devil’s Sea mystery points to:

  • Aliens
  • The existence of a parallel Universe
  • Volcanic activities

All these three stories are quite interesting-right?



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