Around the World Cruise in 2024

by Jane Sophia
Around the World Cruise in 2022

What is the ultimate dream for the majority of us, especially after retirement? Our cherished desire is to go around the world on a large ship, yes around the world cruise I mean.

Relaxed traveling in a huge floating city, hopping from ocean to ocean, from continent to continent is once in a lifetime experience that we yearn for.

In this blog post, I will examine some of the top cruise ships in the world that offer global cruises. If you do a Google on, “Which cruise line offers global round trip”, you will see a long list of search results that will not get you anywhere.

I have taken the trouble of pouring over the search engine results, filtered them painstakingly, and given you the highly relevant and helpful information.

Depending on where you live, you can join the global cruise line and go through the rest of the tour. This applies to those who are not living at the starting port of the global round trip. As the luxury ship visits numerous ports, you can go to the nearest port and get on board.


How many days a global cruise will last?

I think this is our foremost question when it comes to taking an around the world tour on a ship. We won’t be bothered about money but time which is more precious than time.

Global cruises last anywhere between 100 days to 180 days. The longer the duration, the more countries and exotic islands that you can visit.

Imagine visiting some of the most remote islands such as Tahiti, Bali, Bahamas, Azores and thinking of setting afoot in the world’s most romantic cities such as Sophia, Helsinki, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Colombo, and Geneva.

This is possible only if you book your round-trip ticket for a around the world cruise. If you choose to fly, the travel will lack the excitement, thrill, and companionship that only a voyage can provide.

What are all the attractions of going around the world on a luxury yacht?

The diverse culture and cuisine, the range of fantastic wildlife, colorful marine creatures, strange and incredible beliefs, and rituals, amazing skills that we have never thought of, and above all, extremely different climatic conditions are the main attractions of around the world cruise.

Which cruise lines offer Around the World Cruise in 2022 ?

Here is a shortlist of cruise lines that offer around the world sea voyage packages.

  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises
  • Viking Cruises
  • Holland America cruise line
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Princess Cruise line
  • MSC cruises

Roughly, how much a global cruise would cost?

Depending on the ship’s amenities, the type of accommodation you choose, the number of days you will be on the sea, the cost varies.

However, I would say about $25,000 would be fairly sufficient for 100 days voyage. If you opt for a half-year trip, be prepared to shell out nearly $80,000!

How long before you need to book a berth in a cruise ship that offers an around the world trip?

These long cruises are announced well in advance. Usually, one year before the start of the world tour, cruise lines will blast their advertisements. High-end accommodations that include a private cabin with a bathroom and a balcony are limited and they are grabbed fast.

You have to decide quickly to buy your lifetime travel package.

Here Are the Upcoming Around the World Cruise in 2022

  1. Seven Seas Cruises

I ranked this at the top of my list of cruises around the world because most of their ports of call are my dream destinations. They include Bora Bora Islands in the Philippines, Fiji and Tahiti in the South Pacific Ocean, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, and above all Italy, the world’s most sought-after holiday destination.

The around the world cruise lasts 132 days. The added attraction is the ship departs from Miami and ends at Miami.

If you like this rare opportunity, you have a lot of time to think and decide as this global round trip is slated for January 2024.

For full itinerary details, the types of various accommodations, and the final cost, visit their website online.

To lure you, take a look at the stylish, sea view bar in the ship.

Seven Seas

Are the barstools (bar chairs in this case) made of Italian leather?

  1. Silver Sea’s 5-month cruise

Well, I would not say this is a global voyage but still, you get to see the South Pacific Islands, the world’s true exotic islands.

How about the following list of countries you will visit during the roundtrip cruise starting from and terminating at San Francisco?

  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Vietnam
  • Japan

The total duration of this around the world cruise is 133 days! You have plenty of time to do your research about the Silver Sea cruise line and make up your mind.

Here is a map of your ship’s ports of call.

Silver Sea global cruise map

The long voyage departs on 15th Jan 2024. The date of final disembarking is 26th May 2024.

The Silver Sea cruises say it will take you to 14 countries starting from the west to the Far East (Japan).

In all, the ship will call at 65 harbors! Aren’t you impressed? I wonder why Africa is not included in the itinerary! They have left out a whole continent! Maybe some of their other cruises will take you to Africa which is full of culture shocks! I am madly in love with Africa’s topography and wildlife.

For a full itinerary, pictures of the ship, the amenities on board, etc, please visit them.

  1. Viking Cruise line

Viking cruise line is extremely popular, especially among cruise lovers. Their large ships roam the oceans and seas around the world.

Viking ships are known to offer highly luxury voyages and their amenities are the envy of their competitors. Naturally, around the world cruise packages of Viking Cruises are expensive and fully booked well in advance.

Their next global cruise tour is scheduled to start on 20th December 2023.

Take a look at the countries and cities the luxury ship will stop at.

Viking Cruise line map

Wow! It is a mouth-watering global route that the majority of us would find it difficult to resist from buying a private cabin berth with an attached balcony that opens out to the sea. The tiny red dots reveal you will be visiting as many as 28 countries in a luxurious fashion.

The ship departs from the picturesque harbor of Fort Lauderdale.

Wherever you live in the world, you can join the global cruise at the nearest port the ship docks at. Here is a big lure. You can fly free business class from your city to the nearest harbor. Isn’t that a great offer?

Not only that. From the landing airport, you will be picked up by the Viking cruise line in a car and take you to the boarding point. What else can you ask for?

To avail of this offer plus many more discount vouchers and value-added services, you need to book your seat before the end of March 2022.

The tour lasts for 138 days.

Panama Canal:

One highlight of this around the world cruise voyage is your ship will go through the scenic Panama Canal!

panama canal lock

For the long list of countries and cities that you will be visiting during your 5 months voyage.

For full details of pricing and booking, please visit them online

Once there, you can request a personal quote by clicking on a large red button on the left side of the web page.

There are about 6 more shipping companies that offer an around the world tour that include:

  • Oceana Cruises (several Asian countries are covered such as Japan, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, and India)
  • Crystal Cruises
  • Holland America Ship Line
  • Seabourn Cruise Line (The voyage includes Africa)

I rate these three are the best among all of them.

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