10 Hot Cruises from New York 2020

by Jane Sophia
Cruises from New York 2020

What are the 10 amazing cruises from New York 2020?

Where do the residents of New York go if they want to take a leisurely vacation on a luxury cruise ship?

Which are the hot cruise destinations from New York in 2020?

Is it easy to find the best cruise deals offered to New York residents?

Which cruise liner in New York is the most highly rated cruise?

Are there any long distance cruise offered from New York?

Can you cruise to the Bahamas from New York City?

Let us Find answers to all these provocative questions about Cruises from New York 2020.

In the first place, let us not assume all New Yorkers are jet-set minded only and they cannot enjoy leisurely travel. It is not correct to say the New Yorkers like only to fly when they go on a vacation.

New Yorkers do love to go cruising to nearby countries and also to distant continents. In fact, I read no other traveler can match New Yorkers when it comes to taking cruise holidays.

I should admit it is true. How else can you justify the presence of several luxury cruise liners that operate floating hotels leaving from New York’s Manhattan Cruise Terminal?

You don’t have to take my word, buddy! See the picture below of Manhattan cruise dockyard where big luxury cruise ships are waiting to leave New York for different countries.

Cruises from New York 2020: 10 Hot Cruise Destinations

new york cruise terminal

Cruises from New York: From Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

Brooklyn is also another place in New York that has a harbor for yachts to park, take in and disembark passengers.

Let us now get to know the various hot cruise holiday destinations in the world where Cruises from New York 2020 visit.

  1. Cruises from New York 2020: To Bahamas Islands

Bahamas Islands

I believe the Bahamas Islands located in the Caribbean Sea are the hottest cruise destination for New Yorkers.

To some extent, we must agree the New Yorkers are not compulsive seafarers. However, there is a certain sect among them, especially retirees that prefer to enjoy a long vacation on a luxury ship.

Even for them, the Caribbean Islands lure the most. The charm of the sun-soaked Bahamas, the hot fountains, and the tastiest seafood of the Caribbean, entice New Yorkers to cruise to the Bahamas.

Who operates cruise ships to the Bahamas from New York?

Three prominent cruise liners offer an all-inclusive roundtrip cruise package to the Bahamas from New York. The duration of the exotic cruise holiday to the New Yorkers lasts up to fourteen days!

  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Carnival Cruise Line

In addition, the highly-liked Disney Magic cruise company also operates cruise ships to the Bahamas.

  1. Cruises from New York 2020 to England

Let us go back 100 years for a moment. Then, the sea voyage was the only mode of transport to distant countries.

Holidaymakers, policymakers (politicians), and agricultural commodities depended on the ships only in those days. It was a time the ships moved in snails’ pace.

Sea traffic was thick between New York and England, the world’s two hot seats of power. Even now, the number of travelers who cruise to England’s Southampton from New York is quite large.

In between ports of call, attract holidaymakers to choose to Cruises from New York 2020 to England.

As many as 25 cruise plans are offered for New Yorkers who wish to sail to England. The competition is stiff among the cruise liners. This paves way for the reduced ticket prices, increased luxuries, and discounts on onboard entertainments.

Queen Mary 2 is a very large ship that can carry more than 2500 passengers, apart from the crew.

  1. Cruises from New York 2020: New York to Canada cruise deals

The east coast of the United States is not as exotic as the Pacific. This is true to cruise lovers and ardent seafarers.

However, the sea voyage to Canada from New York has its own charm. I believe, the star attraction Niagara alone is worth your ship ticket price to Canada.

Norwegian Cruise Lines is a big ship in this sector. The two other respected cruise liners that operate from New York (New England’s Boston) to Canada are:

  • Holland America cruise
  • SilverSea Cruise

On the Canadian side, the port of Vancouver is a hot and busy ship terminal.

  1. Cruises From New York 2020 to Bermuda

Ah, Bermuda, another Caribbean paradise the New Yorkers love to go. The Bermudas is their most preferred winter escape.

When the New Yorkers want to escape the snow, they would look forward to getting on board a luxury yacht that is destined to deposit them on the shores of Bermudas.

Which is the best ship line to leave New York for the Bermudas?

Norwegian, Oceania, and Carnival offers cruise liner that can carry a whopping 4200+ passengers is regularly operating its large floating hotel to the Bermudas.

Look at the size of the ship:

Cruises From New York 2020 to Bermuda

  1. Cruises from New York 2020 to Rome

Don’t book a 7-day round trip to Rome from New York. The duration is not sufficient to enjoy Rome and its neighbors. Opt for a two-week cruise package to Italy from New York in whatever the cruise liner of your preference.

Who operates a luxury ship to Rome from New York City?

It is none other than the Norwegian, Crystal, Cunard, and Holland America Cruise Lines offer a two-week round trip all-inclusive cruises from New York 2020.

On your way, your ship will dock at Azores Island, Lisbon, Spain and finally anchoring at Rome.

  1. New York to Greenland

I am sure the majority of us have seen Greenland only on the world atlas. We even don’t know Greenland is the world’s largest single island and it belongs to Denmark!

How about embarking upon a voyage to Greenland from New York? The round trip duration will be not less than 17 days.

Seventeen days of absolutely lazy holiday on an ultra-luxury ship will be a dream trip-eh?

Other hot destinations that you can reach in a luxury cruise ship from New York:

  1. Los Angles
  2. Quebec
  3. Iceland
  4. Miami

New York is a great gateway for cruise lovers and there are ample cruise routes and all-inclusive packages for the New Yorkers.

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