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5 Scenic Rivers for River Tubing in United States

by Jane Sophia
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River Tubing is a fun adventure activity that is fit for all ages. However, if you are afraid of moving on the water, then, you better stay back on the river banks, sip a can or two of beer and watch others scream in delight as their tubes are surged forward by the flowing river.

The video below will tell you briefly what exactly River Tubing is

So, River tubing is all about getting abroad an inflated tube (a tyre like structure), float or allow yourself getting carried away by the water current. Of course, you will be wearing a life jacket.

Though any river should be suitable for River Tubing or floating in a rubber ring, I wonder why only certain rivers are listed on the web as ideal for River Tubing fun. Is it due to the friendly nature of the water current?

We will find out when we go through the list of U.S. Rivers where tubing is recommended.

Wait a minute! Isn’t River Tubing and white water rafting the same? Well, almost but exactly. A raft is much bigger and can accommodate several persons (usually 4 people) whereas a tube or a float is used by a single person.

Rafting needs paddles to propel the raft whereas River Tubing is all about using your hands and legs to move around on the water.

  1. 1. Guadalupe River Tubing

Look at this river in Hill County, Texas. It seems it is not flowing at all as is evident from the unmoving tubes (floats) carrying men, women, and children. The location for tubing on Guadalupe River is just below the Canyon Lake dam near New Braunfels.

At every river tubing locales, quick-minded entrepreneurs would offer tubes (floats) for rent so that you need not carry your own tube. It would be a dead investment.

For geographically inclined floaters, here is a bit of information about Guadalupe River.

It originates at Kerr County, Texas and empties into San Antonio Bay on the Gulf of Mexico.  That means traveling (flowing) a distance of 370 km!

On its way, it kisses several cities and small towns namely:

  • Kerrville
  • New Braunfels
  • Seguin
  • Gonzales
  • Cuero
  • Victoria

All along these towns, the Guadalupe River allows people to indulge in various fun sports such as tubing, rafting, canoeing on it. Another pastime carried out in Guadalupe River is ‘fly fishing’ –a sort of fishing (angling) wherein you use an artificial fly to lure the fish that would treat it as its meal.

  1. 2. River Tubing in Lihue irrigation canal, Hawaii

Trust the Americans in Hawaii to come with anything innovative to boost tourism and they will come up something imaginative and incredible. In Hawaii, see how they used an irrigation canal for River Tubing sports.

This happens in the Hawaiian island of Kauai and the water flows through several tunnels and that charming and exciting feature of the waterway is capitalized smartly for tubing activity.

Approach the Kauai Backcountry Adventures as they are the sole tubing tour operator.

Website: https://kauaibackcountry.com/tubing/

  1. 3. Delaware River Tubing

If you have liked what you read thus far about river tubing and you feel like trying your courage, and if by chance you are living in New Jersey, hit the Delaware Riverfront. You will be pleasantly surprised by the eager crowd that is waiting for instructors who get them ready for various river water sports that include tubing (floating), white water rafting, canoeing, and kayaking.

River Tubing Delaware

Even if you are a resident of Pennsylvania, the Delaware Riverfront is near you only. Contact delawarerivertubing.com for full details.

  1. 4. Ichetucknee, Florida

A strange name for a river but is not strange for water sports including tubing. Florida being a hot place, the locals have an irresistible urge to cool themselves in swimming pools, beaches, and rivers.

The water of Ichetucknee is lovely and clear. Did you see those fish swimming carefree in the river? It is actually a spring and not a full-length river. The Ichetucknee spring stream runs only for about 10 km before the confluence with the Santa Fe River but that length is sufficient for indulging in tubing, snorkeling, deep diving, and canoeing.

If you are not taking part in any of the water sports in Ichetucknee River, just stroll around its bank and spot some cute looking birds with great songs.

  1. 5. Potomac, Virginia

The famous Potomac River that flows through the capital of United States also flows through some part of Virginia, West Virginia to be more specific. This and its tributary the Shenandoah River are great spots for tubing. You may not be aware of a large number of people taking part in the relaxing game of tubing (floating happily on the water without the fear of getting submerged).

Harpers Ferry Adventure Center is whom you have to approach for tube renting and instructions before floating on the water.

For a little more adventurous people, they also offer white water tubing. Other water-related adventure sports offered by the Harpers Ferry Adventure Centre include:

  • Tube and Rafting
  • Tubing and Zipping
  • Tubing and climbing

If you like what you saw there, you can also opt to stay for an extra day or two at one of their riverside camps.


For a bit of more luxury, you can opt to stay in one of the cabins situated on a hilltop overlooking the Potomac River.

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