20 Best Thailand Tours and Travel Packages

by Jane Sophia
Thailand Tours and Travel Packages

After reading about all the things to do in Thailand, you would have been overwhelmed with the number of things to do. Let us know more about 20 best Thailand tours and travel packages in this Viewtraveling blog post.

Moreover, you would be wondering where and how to start your Thailand tours. Apart from the numerous places to see on the mainland, you have to know who operates Thai Islands boat tour.

In this post, you will find answers to all your questions in your mind.

Before, you book your flight tickets to Bangkok, you should know how many days you are going to spend in this country.

How many days in Thailand is enough?

I reckon 8–10 days is an ideal amount of time to spend in it. I arrived at this figure based on what I wrote about the things to do in Thailand. A two weeks tour of Thailand is a luxury.

 When is the best time to travel to Thailand?

I would say anytime is suitable to visit this country. The fun and frolic in Thailand goes on unabated throughout the year.

What is the approximate cost of your Thailand Tour?

Roughly $12k is required for a two week trip. This is apart from the flight ticket charges.

Here is a list of Thailand travel packages you can go through. It includes various Thai Islands boat tours and important Thai street food tours.

I will just mention the names of the tours. They will be your key words to search and narrow down the best of Thailand tours.

20 Best Thailand Tours and Travel Packages

  1. Phi Phi Islands Adventure
  2. Half a day Floating Market Tour in Bangkok
  3. Half a day Angthong National Marine Park tour
  4. One day trip to Koh Samui Island
  5. Three hours night market tour in Bangkok
  6. Cruise to 5 Thai Islands (one of the best Thai Islands travel packages). It takes only about 8 hours.
  7. One trekking package of Doi Inthanon National Park
  8. 4 hours Bangkok street food tour
  9. Chiang Mai Temples visit
  10. Bangkok Canal boat cruise trip
  11. Phuket and Krabi Tours
  12. A look at the gogo bars in Pattaya
  13. Three nights in Pattaya-one of the most sought-after tours in Thailand
  14. Bangkok City Tours-since there are so many places to see in the city of Bangkok, you can choose a three-day tour
  15. Water sports in Thailand-you will be taken to several beaches either to take part in water-based adventures or just watch others indulge in surfing, diving, etc.
  16. 2 Days at Koh Samui or Samui Island
  17. A tour of Wats in Thailand-Wat means a temple. These temples cannot be ignored. They are simply too beautiful.
  18. Thai Islands hopping adventure-different tours are available such as 12 Thai island hopping package, 5 Thai islands tour, and 9 islands tour. The following Thai islands are included in the Thai Islands tour packages.
  • Phi Phi-this is an archipelago comprising 6 islands. All are within 50 km from Phuket
  • Maya
  • Maithon
  • Khai
  • Cat Island (Khai Nai Island)
  1. 14 day island hopping tour-this is my choice of Thailand tour. 14 days free of city life is a bliss that you cannot afford to miss. You won’t get another chance of setting afoot on 14 enchanting, tropical Thai islands. I think you can see islands that are located both on the east and west coast of the county. If it is east coast, it will be the Gulf of Thailand and if it is the west coast islands, they will be floating in the Andaman Sea. I bet, all the 14 islands will be really exotic.
  2. Thailand National Parks tour-there are

As many as 30 national parks in this country those are superb for flora and fauna. Find out which travel agency in Bangkok takes you to the maximum number of national parks in the tour.

Who are all the major tour operators?

  • Trip Advisor
  • Thrillopia
  • Diethelm Travel Asia
  • Tru Travls
  • G Adventures
  • Phuket Sail Tours
  • Simba Sea Trips

Travelling to Thailand and its islands is rather easy because of the number of tour operators.

I think there are more players that specialize in Thai Islands tours than showing around Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Krabi, the three important cities in it. Pattaya City is the lone exception. It is the most visited place in all of Thailand.


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