Small Group Tours: 10 Travel Companies Guided Tours

by Jane Sophia
Small Group Tours: 10 Travel Companies Guided Tours

Tour companies and travel organizers usually offer complete travel packages for groups containing 20 or more people and not small group tours.

If you tell them that you are only a small group of just 6 persons, tour operators say either ‘no’ or quote high prices.

I think if they organize small group tours, their profit margin won’t be attractive and thus, they will not take the trouble of customizing their all-inclusive tour packages.

However, there are exclusive tour operators for small group tours. In fact, there are numerous travel organizers who are committed to take small group of people to travel destinations in their list of vacation spots.

The advantage of small group tours is all are known to each other personally. There won’t be awkward silence during traveling. One to one help is readily offered among small group of travelers.

Small Group Tours: 10 Travel Companies Guided Tours

Go through some of the travel companies that organize small group tours.

  1. GoWay

In my research to locate small group tour operators, GoWay occupied the top position in the search engine ranking.

This company organizes everything for small group such as, cheap flight routes, minimum 3-star hotel rooms with all the basic amenities, three time food, and onshore excursions.

You can bargain with these travel companies for travel insurance also to be included in the cost.

GoWay offers tour programs to some great destinations that include:

  • India
  • South Africa
  • China
  • Australia
  • South America

The most obvious holiday destinations such as the U.K., U.S.A, and the Europe are not in their list. I think this is a good idea because, the Americans, Canadians, and the people of United Kingdom comprise the majority of holidaymakers and they certainly prefer destinations apart from their own land.

I give below briefly some of their small group tour destinations.

  • Tour of the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney. The cost is inclusive of airfare. I did not mention the price here because it keeps changing according to the demand. Well, fair enough-eh?
  • The wonderful Peru
  • 7 days tour of the exotic Tanzania. It is a dream vacation destination for thousands of us. Generally, we don’t plan a tour to Africa on our own. We definitely need an experienced host.
  • Here is a 15-day tour that I like it very much. In this tour, you are taken to Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Tasmania. This will be an ultimate holiday plan for everyone.
  • Grand tour to the Galapagos Islands, an archipelago of truly exotic islands in the world. These are remote islands, situated some 900+ km from Ecuador to which the Galapagos are part of.

The blue-footed Boobies, native birds of Galapagos, the island of extraordinary birds and animals.

  1. Global Journeys

This is a travel company that offers small group tours that involve numerous hidden gems and off-beat locations.

On perusal of their tour itineraries, I concluded they keep their promise of arranging small group tours to some rare destinations in the world.

For example:

  • Fortnightly tour to Kimberley, Australia

We have all heard of Kimberley of Australia and South Africa. However, we are not aware of the things to do and places to see in Kimberley, Northern Australia that warrant 15 days of our time!

  • Hiking the Inca Trail-Andes Mountain range in some incredible locations spread over several South American countries that include, Bolivia, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

The Andes Mountain range extends to a staggering 8,900 km long! Imagine what you can expect to see in the Inca trail, Andes Highlands.

Walking tours in an alien land suits only small group of like-minded travelers.

Visit Global Journeys to find about small group tours.

  1. Tour Rador

Tour Rador seems to be a big player in the travel world. They offer small group tour across all the continents in the world.

In every continent, they take you to all the memorable locations.

In addition, Tour Rador organizes river cruises that attract a special class of passionate travelers. River cruise tours are romantic and more comfortable than ocean cruises.

Tour Rador also specializes in arranging exciting walking tours in various, extremely picturesque locations in the world that include Machu Picchu, Patagonia, Nepal, and Kilimanjaro.

Finally, safari camps and tours also come under their belt.

If you are a train ride buff, you have something to think about from Tour Rador. As many as 76 different train tours in Europe are offered. Tell me, which group of travelers can resist these ultimate train tours of Europe.

Here is where you can contact Tour Radar for small group tours..

  1. Abercrombie & Kent

Obviously it is an English travel company that has earned the trust of customers. They offer luxury travel packages for small group tours across the world.

I think the Londoners known them very well as they have setup offline travel kiosks in prominent places in London such as the ‘Harrods’.

Apart from the usual travel destinations that are accessed by flights, you can also find luxury cruises for groups with a maximum of 14 persons.

Even safari tours are also on the cards. For beachfront destinations, there are numerous places. In addition, honeymooners trust them for ultra-luxury all-inclusive packages.

The highlight of Abercrombie & Kent travel company is, one can opt for a chartered, private jet plane to visit anywhere they wish! How do you like that for a total private holiday that suits individuals, a just-married couple, or a small group of travelers who are looking for a second-honeymoon.

For example, how about a 13-might tour of Northern Europe by a private jet? It costs 32,500 pounds per passenger.

One of their small group tours that attracted my attention is their world-wide safari that lasts for a whopping 25 nights. This means, you can watch almost all the important animals and birds of every continent. This tour is also by private jet.

  1. Explore

This travel company specializes in organizing adventure tours. I think adventure tours are suitable for a small group of youngsters who don’t hesitate to extend help during contingencies.

For a group of 12 on an average, you can approach them for customized holiday plan.

I like this travel company’s idea of offering a gourmet tour that they call food and drinks adventure. In a way, it is an adventure to eat alien food and to try incredible cocktails.

We have all heard much about the spicy Mexican cuisine. But, do we know anything about the food scenario in Jordan, Vietnam, and Morocco?

Are you a habitual connoisseur or a professional food journalist? For both of you travelers, Explorer’s tailor-made food sampling tour in these far off places will offer exciting times.

Visit Adventure Holidays & Tours from the Adventure Travel Experts – Explore

Apart from these 5 major travel companies that offer customized small group tours, you can visit the website of some more travel companies that are well-known brands in the travel industry.

  1. Cox & Kings
  2. Exodus Travels
  3. Intrepid
  4. Rainbow Tours
  5. Trans Indus

I am sure these 10 reputed travel companies can cater to the tour needs of small groups of travelers.

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