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Best Things to Do in Cefalu, Sicily 2024

by Jane Sophia
Best Things to Do in Cefalu, Sicily

Among all the islands of Italy, Sicily is the foremost tourist destination, steeped in history and its own culture. Let us know the best things to do in Cefalu, Sicily in this Viewtraveling blog post.

Sicily is located south of Italy and is surrounded by:

  • Tyrrhenian Sea
  • Ionian Sea
  • Malta Channel
  • Strait of Sicily

It’s capital is Palermo. Sicily’s other cities include:

  • Catania
  • Syracuse
  • Messina
  • Taormina
  • Cefalu
  • Agrigento

Today, we will look into Cefalu, its attractions, and the main things to do in that Sicilian city. It stands in the list of top ten places to visit in Sicily.

It has superb beaches, historic sites, adventure sports, and excellent hotels. In addition,  It is a gem of a city in Sicily that demands at least one day of your vacation in Sicily.

In the next blog post, I will take up Syracuse, on the east coast of Sicily, and one of the breathtaking locations in the whole world.

Location of Cefalu:

It is located 70 km east of Palermo, on the coast of Tyrrhenian Sea.

How to reach Cefalu?

Palermo is the obvious gateway to Cefalu. Frequent trains ply between the two cities. The duration of the train journey lasts a little less than an hour.

Best Things to Do in Cefalu:

  1. Boat tour to see the sunset in Tyrrhenian Sea

In spite of Cefalu being located north of Sicily, it offers a wonderful view of the dipping sun into the horizon.

Though the sunset is visible from any beach, it will be much more spectacular when you watch it from the sea.

The boat will be an open boat but with some shelter. The water is so clear that, a photo of the boat will appear as if it is floating above the water.

Some refreshments are included in the tour cost. If you want to dive into the clear sea, you can do when the boat stops briefly to accommodate your wish.


This guided excursion in the sea will be of 2 hour duration.

  1. Snorkeling

A lovely morning trip is arranged from it’s port. For about three hours, the boat will roam the coast of Cefalu, and the guide will show you a few coves.

You can jump from the vessel, and swim up to the  hidden beaches.

Your ticket price includes snorkelling gear,  and a life jacket.

In addition, a bowl of seasonal fruits and some beverages will be provided.

Wow!. From the sea, the scene of the shore is truly fantastic! You will be glad that you allocated time to visit it from Palermo.

  1. Rock climbing adventure

The video of the boat tour showed rocky cliffs on Sicily’s mainland. You can join an organized rock climbing expedition. Your hotel’s front desk can guide you to buy the ticket.

From start to finish, you will take about 90 minutes. At the end, you will feel a sense of victory.

  1. Walk on the pier

There is a paved pier in the harbour. On either side, you will see the movements of boats taking the tourists out on the sea. In spite of the sea breeze, you will feel the heat.

  1. Adventure activities

As the sea is rather calm, swimming is ardently pursued. Other activities include scuba diving, and paragliding.

  1. Visiting nearby islands

Filicudi, Lipari, and Vulcano are three islands that you will be taken to, if you join the guide island hopping tour from here.

The duration is 12 hours! All the islands are inhabited by humans.

All the three islands are surrounded by Tyrrhenian Sea. They are classified under Aeolian archipelago.

The Vulcano Island has an active volcano and a few dormant ones.

Do you know?

Vulcan is the Roma God of Fire, and hence the name volcano for all the mountains that erupt, and spew molten lava, and ash.

The beaches of Vulcan Island wear black sand.  The island has a few natural geysers (thermal springs) that are the outcome of volcanic activity. You can take a dip in those hot tubs with medicinal qualities.

Incidentally, you can see the fumaroles venting out gas.

You should be lucky to witness such a wonderful geography.

Here is a terrific sight of the twin islands of Lipari, and the Vulcano.

Great attractions to see while visiting it!

  1. Cathedral

Though it is a Roman Catholic temple, I could detect some Arabic architecture in it. As it happens to be, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This Italian beach town is so scenic that, it is the site of many films.

In addition, the noted Sicilian cuisine will keep you visiting the small restaurants that emanate a heady aroma from their kitchens.

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